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What do you think ?

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thecloudhopper Mon 14-Sep-09 17:22:29

I work as a TA supporting 1 child who is in year 1, this child has just moved to the school but I have been suppoerting him in his previous school and I moved with him, his class teacher claims not to have had SEN experence and was not confident with his placement. I feel I know my 1-1 very well and I know where he is at academically. I co wrote his report(ie teacher asked for notes for each area of learning and she wrote the report from that) and was always in on all meeting with mum ect.

Now enter new school where he has been attending for 3 weeks, I feel compleatly out of place and feel that all the hard work I and trhe other school put in is being undone for example today in maths he was shown the numbber 13 and asked what it was he answered "duno" and he was not asked another question then during the session now I know dam well he knows the answer which gets me frustrated.

Another example would be with his reading, my 1-1 finds reading hard but had in reception made progress he could recognise 30 common words and it the ect and each day we had fun reading games to try and teach the skills needed for a competant reader. He had also started 0RT stage 2 and had started to enjoy himself. Now I looked in his book bag and for the weekend he is taking home a picture book to share.

Nothing is asked of him if he doesnt want to do something he is NEVER made to
What can I do?

Littlefish Mon 14-Sep-09 21:04:19

I think you need to see the SENCO, who is presumably your line manager.

Run through the child's report and outline where you feel the child's strengths and difficulties are, and strategies which have worked in the past.

Let the SENCO speak to the classteacher in the first instance to help her raise her expections of what your 1:1 child is capable of.

Is it possible that she's giving him a couple of weeks to settle in, and gauge for herself where his strengths and difficulties are?

Karam Tue 15-Sep-09 18:52:42

Talk to the teacher - how is she supposed to know where the boy is at unless you tell her? As a teacher, I would want to know any information about the child that was available - why wouldn't I?

Just make sure it is done in a supportive manner, and I'm sure you'll be fine. I think you'd be best speaking to the teacher direct first, wouldn't be good to be seen going over her head, as it were as it would be obvious that any comments came from you, iyswim.


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