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Book fair - supposed to dress DS as book character [no idea, begging for help!]

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crokky Fri 11-Sep-09 16:34:56

I need to dress DS as a book character for the school book fair. Please help me!! I have absolutely no idea!! He is 3, but the nursery is part of the school and does the same stuff so I am new to this and very lost grin. Please tell me what (and how!) you have dressed your child for this sort of thing. Very grateful for any help!

hocuspontas Fri 11-Sep-09 16:41:07

Harry (from Harry and the box of Dinosaurs)
Wally (from Where's Wally)
Harry Potter if you're REALLY desperate

Or basically any boy in a well-known book. Just get some clothes in the same colours. Most children come as a super-hero because they already have that at home!

Don't fret - you will NOT be judged grin

FritesMenthe Fri 11-Sep-09 16:43:18

if you search on 'world book day' you'll find loads of threads with some brilliant ideas.
My favourite is Mr Strong, wearing a cardboard box painted red.

GoldenSnitch Fri 11-Sep-09 16:44:05

My nephew got a big square box, painted it red and drew a face on then wore it with a hat - voila - a Mr Man! (Mr strong I think it was)

Or, black cape and glasses - Harry Potter

buttercreamfrosting Fri 11-Sep-09 16:44:53

Really easy one is 'Smartest Giant in Town'!

buttercreamfrosting Fri 11-Sep-09 16:46:02

Ooo ds loves Mr. Strong - will go for that next time!

NellieTheEllie Fri 11-Sep-09 16:47:59

Buy some fake fur and make a simple tabard, triangle fur ears on an alice band and fur mittens. (Could do a tail too) - The Tiger Who Came To Tea.
Depending on colour/pattern of the fake fur, it would suit any animal in a book!

MadameCastafiore Fri 11-Sep-09 16:48:15

The little boy who wears a long white shirt, black hat and big glasses from Peter Pan.

An evacuee - there are thousands of books with evacuees in them - normal school type clothes, label tied on them and a box carried with string for their gas mask.

crokky Fri 11-Sep-09 16:56:34

Thank you everyone, you are much more imaginative than me grin

MadameCastafiore Fri 11-Sep-09 16:57:33

Where are you Crokky - I hae a giraffe tabard you can borrow - they are very cheap on ebay!

WriggleJiggle Fri 11-Sep-09 17:02:38

Black t-shirt, black trousers, black tail = cat
Brown = bear
White = polar bear ..... you get the idea.
Then go along your child's bookcase and find a book with one of those characters in it.
Its much easier to think of the outfit then match it to a book (imo).
Costumes don't have to be great, just a hint of an idea is good enough. Its all about the taking part rather than the quality of the outfit grin.

Oh, and it helps if they can take in their book (named), particularly at 3yrs old when verbalisation and memory still have room for improvement!

crokky Fri 11-Sep-09 17:08:57

thanks MadameCastafiore, am in Bristol, but can't get anything yet as they are going to issue more regulations concerning the outfits. It all seem very serious grin

I do have some facepaints though, so I can do that bit!

Elk Fri 11-Sep-09 17:11:06

A pirate with a hook for a hand - Captain Hook

Scruffy clothes - Charlie from Charlie and the Chococlate factory or James and the Giant Peach

Cowboy outfit (brown trous and waistcoat, hat and gun)- another character from Charlie and the Choc. Factory.

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