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Small Vs large schools - any views?

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pompeygirl Fri 11-Sep-09 13:27:18

My ds is in yr 1 at a very small village school. There is only 43 children in the whole school and he is taught in a class of about 12 - however this is a mix of reception, y1 abd y2 children. Over the last year I have had very mixed feelings about whether the school suits ds as he goes through many periods of being very unsettled there. He is a summer baby and struggling a bit with Y1 - extra work etc but has found it hard to make friends in his own peer group. He often plays with the junior children and rarely with any of the infants. I have also been told that he is often on his own at playtimes and struggles to find a group to fit in with.

He has had a couple of episodes of uncharateristic bad behaviour in the last week including hitting another child, answering back a teacher, refusing to say sorry and eventually messing himself. I found this very upsetting and I can't help but think that these are symptons of his unease at school and am seriously wondering about looking at a much bigger primary school in a nearby town where at least he would be in a much bigger peer group.

I would be interested in anyone's thoughts on this


marialuisa Fri 11-Sep-09 14:50:03

We moved DD (then Y3) from a small school to a large school last term. She is thriving and really enjoying the larger peer group. Although DD did have friends within her year group the atmosphere was very intense and the small numbers meant they had to spend a lot of time at break etc. with people they didn't really gel with which was no fun. In the situation you describe I'd go and have a look at the larger school.

smee Fri 11-Sep-09 14:52:41

I'd vote for a bigger school too. Snall works brilliantly for some kids, but not for others. He'd have far more chance of finding some friends in a larger school.

Hulababy Fri 11-Sep-09 14:57:57

It very much depends on the child ad also the school itself.

My DD is in a small girl's primary school, with about 90 children, and DD is ina lovely class of 14 girls. It suits her so well and she is thriving in every area, both socially and academically as a result.

I went to a large school and became very "lost." as I was well beahved, got on with my work and very quiet and shy. I bet half the teachers didn't know who I was when they saw my name written down. As a result, I missed out on stuff.

pompeygirl Fri 11-Sep-09 16:39:24

Thanks everyone for the advice.

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