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for all those whose dc are struggling with literacy in y1 - there is hope! (proud mummy alert)

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mimsum Thu 10-Sep-09 11:44:39

ds2 (y5) came home quietly glowing with pride yesterday and told me he'd been moved up to the top group for literacy and is now one of only two boys (along with a whole load of girls) in the top group

When he started y1 he could barely read simple CVC words - he started on pink/red level and was only able to write his name (and that was only legible to people who knew and loved him grin)

gradually his reading improved, but it was very gradual and it finally started to click towards the end of y1

In y2 he could still barely write a sentence, but he started making giant strides with his reading

by the end of y2 he could read independently and in y4 he finally managed to write a little more legibly (it's still pretty messy though - future doctor, maybe?)

I just wanted to reassure all the worried parents of boys (especially) struggling with literacy at 6 and 7 - just because it's not happening early, doesn't mean it won't happen at all - just keep on encouraging and reassuring them, and don't let school make them feel they've failed before their academic careers have even begun

nickelbabe Thu 10-Sep-09 12:08:37


well done DS2!!

noideawhereIamgoing Thu 10-Sep-09 12:38:47

Lovely post, well done to your little star!

MrsMagnolia Thu 10-Sep-09 13:28:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sinpan Thu 10-Sep-09 13:38:40

My son couldn't read till y4. He's now in y6 and reads voraciously. Still haven't cracked maths though...

Well done to your little one for his hard work, which has paid off for him, and to his supportive family. I completely agree, the worst possible outcome of struggles with literacy at 6 and 7 years would be for the child to label himself a failure. Every time my son tells me he can't do something, I remind him how he thought he'd never learn to read, and then he did.

UC Thu 10-Sep-09 13:49:18

Thank you so much for posting this!! I have so many conversations with DS1 about how we are all quicker at learning some things than others, and learn other things at a slower rate - e.g. he could ride a bicycle without stabilisers at 3 1/2, while one of his friends can't at 5 1/2. The same friend can do additions and read words in his head while my DS1 is finding it is taking longer for him. Doesn't mean he won't get there! They are just different.

So lovely to read your post.

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