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Are these a good solution for kids who can't tie shoe-laces very well yet?

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Doodlez Thu 10-Sep-09 11:42:54

anyone ever tried these?

DS (age 8) now has to wear footy boots and his new trainers had to be lace-ups because of the size of his feet.

He kinda gets how to do a bow but it's a bit useless. He's just started a new school and I've been looking for a solution to help him, at least for the first year. Last thing he needs is for the other kids to take the pee because he can't do his own laces.

mimsum Thu 10-Sep-09 11:49:06

yes - they're brilliant

we discovered them because ds1 does triathlons and all the kids have them to help make transitions faster, and then we realised they'd be perfect for ds2 (fine motor skills problems) - he's got very narrow size 6 feet (at 9 ...) and it's almost impossible to get velcro shoes to fit

FernieB Thu 10-Sep-09 11:50:51

Never tried them so I can't advise there, but wouldn't it be better if he could just do laces. Get him to practise when he's watching TV and he'll soon be doing them fine.

Doodlez Thu 10-Sep-09 11:51:35

Thanks Mimsum! Saw you on a thread earlier about the little boy struggling with friends. I have an almost identical DS to the OP(even down to the ginger hair) but I couldn't post because I was crying blush. Thread helped me like you wouldn't believe smile

I'll order some of these laces then smile

Doodlez Thu 10-Sep-09 11:52:38

Yes Fernie - I agree and we are doing that but problem is, he's a bit 'cack-handed' and, well, it's a long story.....!

FernieB Thu 10-Sep-09 11:59:34

'cack-handed'! Not heard that expression in ages - made me smile.

I do sympathise, my DD's have similar problems with doing plaits (although not as essential a skill). No matter how many times we go over it, it doesn't seem to stick. I tie bits of string to a chair and leave them to practise now.

If, as mimsum says these things are good, I would give them a whirl.

Doodlez Thu 10-Sep-09 12:03:28

Oh I can remember the day I finally 'cracked' was like a whole new world had opened up! Think I was about 11 grin

NormaSnorks Thu 10-Sep-09 12:11:36

Yes - DS1 had them for his trainers, as the teacher used to make an example of the child who was slowest hmm and since he was the only one with laces, it was always him.

HOWEVER be aware that they don't seem to work very well with said-fastening football boots, and that if there is a velcro flap over the laces this will probably no longer work.

Doodlez Thu 10-Sep-09 12:49:26

Thanks Norma

There is a flap on the boots but not velcro - just like an extra long bit of the tongue which flaps over the laces. I'll give them a try and report back next week.

Teacher making example of the slowest kid when it's clearly not because the child is messing about....sad

NormaSnorks Thu 10-Sep-09 22:38:11

aargh - I meant side-fastening boots..

Re: "Teacher making example of the slowest kid"
yes... but then you see, it's a prep school grin so what can one expect????

(see other thread about child being hurt by teacher's football...)

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