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How can I make these last few days of my babies innocence last forever??

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drivinmecrazy Tue 08-Sep-09 01:14:33

DD2 was 4 two weeks ago and is due to start school next Monday. I have 4 days when my DD1 is at school to spend with DD2. I want to absorb all her innocence, enjoy her like I haven't for all the time I have had her at home and make this week memorable (for me, because she can't wait to start school)
What can i do with my baby before she leaves me to enter the next phase of her life, leaving me mourning all that wasted time???

EmilyBrownlovesStanley Tue 08-Sep-09 04:56:03

Ask DD what she would like to do smile.

And don't beat yourself up about that "wasted time", you must have been doing something right to have raised a little girl who is so confident that, like my DD, she can't wait to start school.

stringerbell Tue 08-Sep-09 09:12:18

Message withdrawn

beautifulgirls Tue 08-Sep-09 13:51:16

I took my DD#1 out yesterday on a special "shopping" trip - we did a bit of clothes shopping for her (which she loves) and then we had lunch at Pizza Hut (used an online 50% off voucher) then we went to the cinema to see Ice Age 3, which was a huge treat as she had never been to the cinema before. She thought the day was fab!

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