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P6/P7 entrance tests in Northern Ireland

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notimetotidy Mon 07-Sep-09 10:39:52

Has anyone got any more informtion about the transfer tests being set for the P7 children this year? I have a DS in P6 and was just wondering about other people's views on the tests, ie, are you letting your child sit the tests or not. I am still slightly confused about the whole thing (isn't everyone!)

paranoid2 Mon 07-Sep-09 13:35:19

I am in NI and have Dt’s in P5. As far as I know this year there are separate tests for entrance to State grammer and catholic grammer schools and P7 pupils will be sitting these in November. These have been done by the grammer schools themselves coming together and are not supported or funded by the dept of education. The whole thing is a shambles. They cant reach agreement in Stormont. I presume this system will continue on until some agreement is reached. I imagine my boys will be still subjected to this temp arrangement in 2011/2012. If that’s the case I will probably let my DT1 sit the test as he is very capable and I think given the current set up grammer school would be the best place for him. I doubt that DT2 will be sitting the test unless there is a miraculous transformation in the next 2

MrsBoo Mon 07-Sep-09 17:25:18

I am in NI too, my DS is in P6. Check with your primary school too - some are supporting the tests, ie helping with preparation and revision. They announced recently that you would be unlikely to get a place at any of the grammer schools without having done the test - as they are expecting so many to take it there will not be enough spare places left over.
If you're not bothered about the high school -then you dont need to do anything expect pick your choice of nearest school, and they will be allocated according to usual method.

trefusis Mon 07-Sep-09 17:46:17

Message withdrawn

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