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1st day of school. Hows it going for you?

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Starbear Mon 07-Sep-09 08:50:29

DS first day at school tomorrow. We have to go in today for an hour. Not our first choice of school so I haven't labeled Ds clothes, so will have to be done as soon as I tear myself away from MN. Have to phone desired school and find out where we are on the waiting list (This is all to do with DH so don't shot me)Camera ready to take photo and meet other parents. New chapter in our children's lives. How is it going for you?
Just me *being lighthearted* & nosy!smile

Starbear Mon 07-Sep-09 08:51:16

So that didn't work! Light Hearted

wools Mon 07-Sep-09 11:04:49

Have dropped DS2 off for his first day and am picking him up at 12pm. Can't wait to hear how he's got on.

Bigschoolmummy Mon 07-Sep-09 13:16:29

It is my daughters first day at school. She was so excited to go in. She stood in the playground and sighed then said "mummy can't you just go now" (another big sigh).

"mummy. I said Just Go Please"

I am an emotional wreck.

Like wools I can't wait to hear how she got on.

Starbear Tue 08-Sep-09 10:35:13

Ds first day today and he was up at 6am he didn't need to go in until 9am. Very keen.
I wasn't asleep anyway thinking about it at 5am this morning blush Photo on profile must dash and do chores. haven't got an excuse now!

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