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First day at Junior School - ds sad and low

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Oodle Thu 03-Sep-09 19:10:08

My usually cheerful and enthusiastic seven year old started at Junior School today (year 3). It is the link school to his infant school but on a different site, with different uniform/ethos etc. He was looking forward to going, but this evening is a different story. He is extremely subdued and seems very miserable. He won't open up about it, just says it was really boring and they just did lessons all day. Do they really stop play-based learning so early? Is he condemned to another 11 years of serious, tedious education? I feel anxious for him and already thinking about home schooling/private options (not really feasible though, in either case). Does anyone know more about education in year 3 onwards? Does the fun really stop here?

spudmasher Thu 03-Sep-09 19:13:07

The fun should not stop!
Don't give up yet! There should soon be lots of fun things to do like science investigations, number games, music, PE and lots of lovely stories.

deaddei Fri 04-Sep-09 07:56:37

It is a big step, year 2 to year 3. He may be overwhelmed by new rules and expectations, and remember, it's a shock to the system after 6 weeks of holiday!
He WILL have's not all doom and gloom. Yr 5 to yr 6 is another big step...
I think private education may be less fun based...
Just be positive, and stay bright and breezy!

faraday Fri 04-Sep-09 10:48:40

Um- am a little surprised you've linked 'home schooling' and 'private' as alternatives!

Fwiw, a close friend of mine sent her DSs to a private prep at 7 and blimey! Talk about 'play based learning' ending abruptly! Of course, my friend was prepared for this- it's what she wanted for the boys; some serious, 'nose to the grindstone', an hour a night homework style education! Of course, not all privates are like this, but to a certain extent I think what you pay for is more 'application', a greater recognition that not all necessary learning happens by happy accident whilst a DC is 'playing' (eg table learning!). I know I used to find at my DSs state juniors, the 'play based learning' that went on was rather less productive than the more formal elements as, imo, you do need more helpers and teachers to hand to ensure that the play aspect, if not closely supervised can easily turn into the mucking around aspect!

Personally, I am happy my DSs went from an Infants to Juniors (as opposed to a primary) as it made the distinction in their minds between the 2 styles of learning, the greater formality, the greater responsibility required. I feel it makes the transition to Seniors a little easier, come the day.

Finally, I'd echo deaddei in saying the effect of 6 weeks of holiday may also be a big factor in your DS's feelings right now! Give it half a term before making any rash moves!

Oodle Fri 04-Sep-09 12:08:39

Thanks everyone, really helpful. When I said private I meant a more alternative type of school although haven't investigated and so don't know much - can't afford it anyway! Def don't want prep school-style hard work. Personally, I prefer the idea of fun to rules and expectations at this age. He's only just turned seven. Why turn them off education at such a young age by making it formal and boring? Anyway, you're right, I'm jumping the gun a bit. Will wait and see. Does anyone else have any experience of junior school after infants?

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