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My 1-1 has moved schools and I am going with him HELP !!

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thecloudhopper Wed 26-Aug-09 20:01:05

On Tuesday I start at a new school doing the same jo I do I could do with some words of wisdom!!

I am a 1-1 with a child with behavioural,emotional and social difficulties before his mum decided to move schools he was doing realy well and had started to thrive, due to unrelated issues his mum turned up one afternoon and pulled him out of school it was awful.

Now looking forward to the new term I am starting to worry as I had a realy good relationship eith my class teacher and we understood each other, now he and I are going to a new school, different routine and just have genral concerns for him and me, which include him going backwards whcih he will as he like routine doesnt like change and doesnt cope with new things.

I am going in on the non puil day to talk to the teacher what should I say what questions should I ask?


Clary Wed 26-Aug-09 20:24:53

I'm no expert but I would just raise the issues you raise in yr post.

How will she deal with him/what provision is there/what other SEN in class if this might have an impact.

Also maybe ask her about her teaching style, perhaps find out a bit about where the class will be in terms of achievement/where your 1-1 will sit etc?

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