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Having to move and apply for schools

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hungrierhippo Tue 25-Aug-09 22:27:22

We are renting a house at the moment and looking for something to buy in the area. DS is at pre-school at the local infant school.

His form has to be in by 23rd October and our landlord has just given us notice that he wants his house back in November. There is currently nothing else to rent in the area at all!

My question is. Do we have to inform the LEA that we have moved if it is after the cutoff date. We honestly haven't rented just to get into the school (never really wanted to live here) but now he is settled in nursery I wouldn't want to move him. I would be gutted if we were forced to rent a few miles away and have to send him to another school, only to buy back in this area.

Our landlord has screwed us over royally by wanting his house back the day the 6 month inital lease is up. Which is just a long line of screw ups in our housing situation.


CarGirl Tue 25-Aug-09 22:31:49

I think most LEAs say you have to inform them if you move, but check your local LEA details.

Hopefully you will find somewhere to rent in the area by then. Poor you, stress you just don't need.

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