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primary and secondary schools in bucks

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claire142 Thu 20-Aug-09 23:27:39

we are moving to bucks in oct any ideas re primary and good local state secondary dont have to rely on 11+ as ds may well not get in and dont want to have to pile on pressure have ds9dd 7 and 2 any ideas had been looking in princes risborough area and lacey green we wondered re prestwood as seems a bit cheeper.any idea on misbourne schoool or top school in princes risborough??? any help appreciated moving in oct cheers

bellissima Fri 21-Aug-09 09:16:48

Misbourne School supposed to be one of the better 'upper' schools (ie secondary moderns) in area - seems to be liked more than Amersham School. Chalfont Community College has a v gd reputation but is in the very expensive Gerrrardsx/Denham etc area. Don't know about secondaries and primaries further north ie Princes Risborough. I know that several of the upper schools have just posted very creditable A level results - presumably that available as public information if you google the school.

trickerg Fri 21-Aug-09 12:31:22

Cof E primaries often full to busting (Gt Kingshill, Lacey Green). Prestwood Junior was o/s under last head (presumably still is!!) and Naphill + Walters Ash is 'good'.
Give Hughenden primary a look as well as that's not often full, and is right in between Lacey Green and Prestwood.

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