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Have to choose Secondary school in September for year 6. How to choose???

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teamcullen Thu 20-Aug-09 13:23:33

DS is going into year 6 in September and he will be coming home with that form to choose secondary school. I really dont know what schools to put down.

My DD goes to an all girls school so he wont be going there.

We have moved out of the catchment area for the feeder school where his friends are going. He wouldnt automatically receive a place, however Im sure his current head teacher and parish Priest would push for his application. (school is a faith school and DS alter serves at our church).

The schools which we are in the catchment for have been amalgimated to make two large schools. They both have lovely new buildings with lots of technology, but as they are relitivly new schools, I feel they have not had time to build up repretations and I dont know anybody who uses the schools to ask.

There is another school which has an outstanding Ofstead report and specialises in vocational studies. I think this school would best suit DS but we are one street away from the catchment area.

So my main concerns are;

If I put down the feeder school and the school which is one street out of the catchment, as first and second choice, DS could end up in a school I dont know anything about and traveling to schools in areas I really dont want him to be in.

He has a lot of trouble with Literacy so I need a school which is going to meet his needs and I dont know how to get the proper information out of the schools, without them telling me what they want me to hear.

We missed the open days to these schools as I had Swine flu at the time. Now time is ticking and I dont know what to do. Ive looked at all the websites and read there prospectus' but they sort of just tell you what you want to hear.

sunnydelight Mon 24-Aug-09 04:47:27

You can't possibly make a decision without visiting the schools, any decent school will arrange an individual visit. In some ways these can tell you more as you will see the school in action on a normal day, not when they've all been primed to look good for the visitors grin Phone them and ask. Oh, I would also want to at least meet the headteacher for a quick chat if at all possible as I relly believe that the head is all important to the culture of a school.

PixieOnaLeaf Tue 25-Aug-09 11:50:56

Message withdrawn

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