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Calling all mothers of primary school children? How often do you have to provide equipment for homework?

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messalina Wed 19-Aug-09 10:11:41

Was just wondering how often you have to get involved with your child's homework in an active way (by that I mean having to provide some sort of equipment for a project or similar). Or make costumes?? DD is a long way off school (4 years!) but suddenly got panicky about my crap handicraft skills and lack of milk bottle tops. And is there competition between mothers to make the best costume for the nativity play/halloween/etc.?

foxinsocks Wed 19-Aug-09 10:15:04

never, or at least v rarely

both mine in primary school

in infants, think we had to do an easter bonnet but believe me, I am seriously artistically challenged and managed that (straw hat from charity shop, get children to cut out easter like shapes and stick on). Remember the key is to make them do the work wink

also, at times, other artistic parents would adopt my children for playdates on nights they had to make anything artistic saving me the trouble grin

do not fear

JLo2 Wed 19-Aug-09 10:20:33

grin LOL

I think it depends on what school you go to/type of area you live in. At my DC's school not much of this goes on as we all have crap handicraft skills blush If anyone proves themselves to be any good at cooking/sewing they're nominated to do it all when necessary!
Now stop worrying about things that aren't important smile

mrz Wed 19-Aug-09 10:52:09

I'm a reception class teacher and we provide all the nativity costumes so your daughter's school may too (although we have had mothers bring Disney costumes in because they are prettier)hmm
We prefer the children to make models in school so that it is the child's work not down to an especially talented parent.
So really I wouldn't worry too much

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