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moving to edinburgh in november - too late for reception

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camper Tue 18-Aug-09 22:33:12

hi does anyone have any advice? My son is 5 in Oct and was due to start reception in London this sept. I'm starting a new job in Morningside and was hoping to live around this area. The only reception places avaiable for then are further south (balerno,Currie).
My partner has yet to find work and so could look after our son until next Aug when I think he could still join reception. Has anyone experience of starting reception this late. He's ready to start school now but is happy to stay home with Dad! Guess we're most concerned about him feeling older than his classmates (especially as he gets older) and whether teachers can direct activities for the stage he's at.
Our other option is to start him in reception and move him later or wait until next year hoping that a place becomes available. Any thoughts much appreciated.

haggisaggis Wed 19-Aug-09 11:05:44

Scotland does not have "reception". Kids start school in P1 if they are 5 on or after March 1st that year.
With an October birthday, your son should really start school this year. Some people do defer if their children have January or February birthdays - but very unlikely he would be able to defer if he is an October birthday. In any case, once he tuns 5 he must be in school or home edded.
I am really amazed their are no P1 spaces anywhere in Edinburgh. I didn't think we had the same issues as England regarding school places.

brokenspacebar Wed 19-Aug-09 11:29:00

here might be a good place to start.

Chrysanthemum5 Wed 19-Aug-09 15:29:41

As Haggis says children do start P1 if they are 5 after March 1st. It is possible to defer your child with an October birthday, but you need support from someone such as a HV to say it is best for your child. Lots of January / Febraury birthdays defer, and I know more December boys who are defering. So your DS will not be that much older than the others if you defer.

South side of Edinburgh is really hard for school places, the schools are very popular and get a lot of out of catchment requests so they do tend to be full.

One thing to remember is that schools in Edinburgh start today so your DS may have missed quite a bit by the time you move up here. I would look at where you want to live and contact the local school to discuss what is best for your child - you may find moving to a new place is a big enough transition!

AMumInScotland Wed 19-Aug-09 15:38:30

Hi, in Scotland you can, by law, defer until the August after he turns 5 - that is an absolute right. However, without special needs, he won't be eligible for a free preschool/nursery place during that year. That's the real downside of deferring for many families.

If he was Jan/Feb birthday he would still get a free nursery place that year if you chose to defer. Any older, it's up to the local council and they mostly won't unless SN.

Some families do still choose to defer - my DS is October, and started when still 4 but had a lad in his class who was over a year older than him - turned 6 in September not long after starting school.

But it's not that common for September/October birthdays, since most parenst feel they're ready for school at that point so don't feel any wish to defer.

Personally, I'd move first, then contact the schools and council and see what they can offer - you still might find there are spaces popping up because people do change their plans/move unexpectedly.

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