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School uniforms...logo'd jumpers or not??

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norfolklass Wed 05-Aug-09 16:04:38

Sorry for random title but didn't know how else to put it!

Basically DS starts reception in september and we're having a bit of a nightmare with the school logo'd jumpers. They cost £6 so not too expensive but the quality of them is awful. I've washed them 5 times now (I got 3 of them) and they still feel like cardboard. DS is quite a solid chap and I got size 28 as he needed it for lengh/width but the sleeves are massive and quite frankly look ridiculous.
He has sobbed every time he put them on because he says they hurt and tbh I actually think they probably do...they are so hard and there is so much material bunching up near his elbows that it must be really uncomfortable.

He's not worried about starting school really but this jumper thing is really upsetting him and I don't know what to do.

Obviously the school is shut now so can't ask but the website/book etc says boys must wear school sweatshirts and girls the school cardigans. I know they have no way of making the logo'd uniform compulsary but I presume seeing as it's relatively inexpensive and the only logo'd thing they have to have that most of the children would be wearing them.

He's quite a hot child so normally just wears long sleeved t-shirts or thin jumpers in the winter so this really thick jumper is going to be awful for him. My gut instinct is to get him some thin v-neck jumpers or some thinner sweatshirts but don't want him to look the odd one out and get teased for it.

Its a quite odd colour as well...a sort of dark royal blue and haven't even seen any jumpers anywhere that colour.

Any suggestions cause its really stressing me out!

sarah293 Wed 05-Aug-09 16:07:50

Message withdrawn

misshardbroom Wed 05-Aug-09 18:08:57

At our school, there is a logo sweatshirt / cardigan and most of the children wear it. It's not a fabric I'd rush to buy under normal circumstances, but nothing like as hard and uncomfortable as you describe. We're lucky though in having a very realistic headteacher who doesn't insist on them, so there are a small number of children who wear non-logo ones, or hand-knitted versions.

Might be worth calling the school within the last fortnight of the holidays as IME there's usually staff around at that stage. Or email the school, there could well be someone picking up email.

And I wouldn't worry about him being too hot in it, just because it's uniform doesn't mean they won't be allowed to take it off if they're warm.

(also, maybe I'm being incredibly naive, but I think reception is probably a bit young to get teased about clothes, especially amongst boys, so try not to worry about that.)

EustaciaVye Wed 05-Aug-09 19:40:52

You may find it is warm enough to send him in with just his polo shirt for a couple of weeks. Then you can see what the other children are doing.

Fayrazzled Thu 06-Aug-09 07:06:12

My son's primary school have a logo-ed jumper sold by an independent school shop. It's a nasty acrylic one that sounds like what you're describing. However, the school will allow a plain grey jumper to be embroidered with the crest so I got my son the cotton rich jumpers from M&S and then took them to the shop to have them embroidered. Cost £4.50 to have the badges put on.

Could this be an option for you?

norfolklass Thu 06-Aug-09 08:15:37

Thanks for all the messages...much appreciated.

I was thinking last night that maybe it's not exactly the material of the jumpers which is so uncomfortable to him because in all honesty if all the other children can wear them they can't be that bad lol! They are awful and feel really really hard but I think its more the problem with the arms being so long and bunching up along his arms that are causing them to be so uncomfortable.

Fayrazzeled-yep me thinks the jumpers are pretty much the same...very nasty acrylic material with like fleece on the inside (who on earth needs fleece on the inside of a jumper for goodness sake lol!)Unfortunately the logo isn't embroided on its a sort of stuck on one...if that makes any sense which actually makes the jumper look even worse if thats possible.
I think Im going to just send him in his polo shirt to start with (thanks for that Eustascia) and see if there are any others wearing non-uniform jumpers so to speak. I have a feeling that 99% of them will be because they've made the jumpers/cardigans reasonably priced then most parents will buy them. Don't have a problem with him wearing one at all...just have issues with him being uuncomfortable if I can possibly help it!
Am going to try and convince mil that she needs to try and alter the sleeve lengh of one of the jumpers for me to see if that helps at all as well!
Thanks for all the least stressing about this has stopped me stressing about him starting school!

goingincognito Thu 06-Aug-09 08:32:09

Think sticking to school jumper is better if poss - kids hate standing out. But dd loathes hers, is never cold and it stays in her bad. DS (more sensitive to feel of things) where his over the top of his shirt if freezing, but does the school do a big fleece/cardi thing? DS wears his instead of a coat and keeps it on when cold.

newpup Thu 06-Aug-09 09:04:08

My Dds have never worn the logo sweatshirt. I hate them, they fade quickly, shrink and look old and tired and scruffy after the first wash.

Luckily they are allowed to wear a knitted jumper in the school colour. I love M&S ones, cost abit more about £9 each but look smart, wash well in fact so well DD2 wears Dd1s old ones and they still look smart.

In reception most of the children with no older siblings wore the logo sweatshirts by Year 2 they mostly wear the knitted jumpers/cardigans.

I agree with those who say that you probably will not need a jumper to start with and you can see what others do!

Acinonyx Thu 06-Aug-09 10:15:52

I don't like logos myself and it is supposed to be optional at dd's school. I've got her one logo sweatshirt but also 3 plain red cardigans elsewhere.

IIWY and it's not absolutely compulsory (which it can't be at a state school) I would get a couple of nicer jumpers in the right colour.

Mamazon Thu 06-Aug-09 10:18:27

i get one or tywo logo'd ones for school trips and the rest are just the plain ones from tesco

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