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School shoes , anyone found any good deals ?

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Lilyloo Mon 03-Aug-09 09:04:16

I am looking for 2 pair for dd size 9 and ds adult 1.
I usually get ds startrite and find they last well but the thought of paying £90 for 2 pair of shoes is a bit much so anyone seen any good deals around ?

For anyone else amazon have startrites in the sale , just not my size sad

TwoHot Mon 03-Aug-09 12:55:52

Is it too early to get school shoes? <school shoe novice emoticon>
If I leave it later will they have run out?

gingertoo Mon 03-Aug-09 13:01:28

TwoHot - generally they do tend to run low on sizes as you get towards sept and the shoe shops become a nightmare in the last couple of weeks of the hols (fed up kids, harrassed mums, stressed out sales staff - you get the picture!!)

Lilyloo - have you got a Clarks outlet near you? They don't have as much choice but the prices can be much lower - I got DS2's last pair of size 1 black leather school shoes for £16

Lilyloo Mon 03-Aug-09 14:58:44

No don't think we have a Clarks outlet near here !

lulu2 Mon 03-Aug-09 19:04:29

I got dd a pair of school shoes from TK Maxx today for £12, having had her feet measured at Clarkes beforehand.

Lilyloo Tue 04-Aug-09 11:32:50

Do TKMax do clarks or similair ?

deaddei Tue 04-Aug-09 14:01:46

Clarks have an offer on at the moment- buy a pair of childrens shoes and get 20% off a pair of ladies shoes.

lulu2 Wed 05-Aug-09 11:45:00

Don't think TK Max do clarkes but these are kangaroos which fit my dd well.

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