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FIRST NEWS- any experience?

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notanidea Sun 02-Aug-09 08:48:38

After recommenddation from MN I subscribed to discovery box and my DD loves it. Any one subscribing to First news. Is it any good? Although it says it is for 8-12 year old children, is it suitable for a 8 year old.Is there any website which gives news to younger children which will say me some money and as we dont live near M25,I will have to drive and get the newspaper so it will save me the trip as well.

islandofsodor Sun 02-Aug-09 16:13:34

My 7 year old reads it occasionally and I would say it is aimed at older. However I caught her trying to read a gory description of Afghanistan in The Times and decided it was a better option.

squilly Sun 02-Aug-09 16:16:07

I had Y6 readers a couple of years ago, one of whom loved First News. He was a struggling reader who liked his facts and he used to love telling me what he'd read about at the weekend. So my overall impression of it is a thumbs up (sorry...that's not very intellectual, but I'm battling between mumsnetting and going off to take something for my banging headache!).

changenameruk Sun 02-Aug-09 17:13:38

hi my ds aGED 9 Hs been reading first news for a year now. he loves it. i would recommend it. I even take them into my year 2 class and my brighter 7 years all can manage it. I have mine delivered each week . i bought 3 month subscription on the internet. type in first news.

lucysmum Sun 02-Aug-09 17:16:52

my 8 yr old, a voracious reader, loves it. I got a £1 for 6 weeks offer and it gets delivered every week. good mix of serious and celeb news.

choccyp1g Sun 02-Aug-09 22:27:36

My 8.5 year old has been reading it for about a year now, but we probably get it only about once a month. He really enjoys it. He is a very good reader for his age, but does not read much fiction (Typical boy apparently.

willali Mon 03-Aug-09 08:37:15

my 8 year old loves it and I agree it's better than her picking up a copy of the Telegraph and trying to understand that! Every word gets read every week and she looks out for the new one on a Friday. My 11 year old thinks it's lame and to be honest I think if a 12/13 year old was actually reading it I would be worried as it is not exactly in depth IYSWIM.

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