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Nicoland Review

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HarrassedDad Wed 29-Jul-09 22:24:13

3 months ago I signed up my kids for a new online educational course called Nicoland. The web site is I thought I would post a quick review since I can find no reviews of it online. The web site itself is ok, maybe rather simplistic and limited in scope. A nice idea not implemented very well. The membership fees are reasonable (yes you have to pay to get access to the online lessons). My dd enjoyed it for a couple of days, but soon grew bored. It just did not seem to grab her attention. That might just be my dd wink.

It is not made clear when you join that they will continue to renew your membership and automatically debit your account. angry
To make matters worse, after they renew, they email you with a note saying you can cancel your subs via a link to their web site. Laughably, the link points to a completely French web site that is meaningless unless you are fluent in reading French (which I am not). Nicoland do not reply to your emails requesting clarification or cancellation angry.

So all in all a rather annoying experience. Be warned!

PS I finally used Babel Fish to translate the French web site and I think I have now escaped their evil clutches grin.

HarrassedDad Wed 29-Jul-09 22:27:43

Footnote: The email confirming my cancelation of my subs to has just arrived and guess what. It is all in French! hmm

BarkisIsWilling Sat 31-Oct-09 22:08:53

Thanks for this information. I just stumbled across Nicoland this evening, and was wondering what it was like.

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