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do siblings automatically get in even if we move??

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cornersofa Wed 29-Jul-09 07:03:10

hello, our LEA states that for community schools SEN/Looked after children get priority then siblings, then distance.

our dd has been offered a place and starts reception this jan 2011 at a one form entry school nearby, however we are hoping sell up next year and upgrade from our 2 bed flat to a house in the area as we have a ds who is currently 9 months old.

we hope to move within walking distance of the school, but not necessary within their 800m catchment cut off, my question is, would this affect entry for our ds in a few years to come?

we're going to call our LE but if anyone has been in this situation please share, thanks so much

seeker Wed 29-Jul-09 07:07:44

I think at the moment in most LEAs you would get a place, but I know that some LEAs are thinking of getting rid of the sibling criterion in Secondary schools at least. You need to talk to the LEA to get chapter and verse.

mankyscotslass Wed 29-Jul-09 07:13:38

It depends, here our school work on these criteria :

1. Children in care or with special needs.

2. Children with siblings in school in catchment.

3. Children in catchment.

4. Children out of catchment with siblings.

5. Children out of catchment.

So in out LEA if the school was full by number 3 then your DS would lose out. But that is only our LEA and you would need to check with yours.

cornersofa Wed 29-Jul-09 07:39:08

thanks! going to call LEA at 9!

meant to say 2 form entry not one - doh!

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