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Canonbury or Gillespie Primary schools, Islington London

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orwell Thu 23-Jul-09 08:56:55

We're in the process of buying a property, dc will start primary school in 2010, we're going to move into catchment of our desired schools, currently Canonbury but now considering Gillespie as it seems we get a bit more for our money there and still not too far from Highbury Fields etc...

Does anyone have DC at Gillespie? what's it like? Due to summer hols, we won't be able to visit the schools until September so any insight would be very much appreciated. Ofsted reports for both schools look fine.


gladbag Fri 24-Jul-09 16:44:27

I've been out of N5/N1 too long to know the current take on those two primaries, but I know there are a fair few mumsnetters in that area so....bump for you.

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