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Stupid Q's re starting primary

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stringerbell Wed 22-Jul-09 22:42:39

Message withdrawn

foofi Wed 22-Jul-09 22:45:00

Name jumpers coats and shoes. Iron on or write it on the label.

School dinners hugely variable - give it a go and see.

I think the shorts for PE need to be different ones - don't they stipulate what colour etc?

ChasingSquirrels Wed 22-Jul-09 22:46:50

1. I named tops and trousers, pe kit including plimsoles, coat, sun-hat. Didn't bother with pants and socks, or shoes.

2. I wrote on the labels with a laundry pen.

3. ds has a packed lunch, I didn't consider school lunches as I hated them, and now he doesn't want them. Certainly not teased one way or another at our school, and wouldn't cross my mind that they would be.

4. We have a pe t-shirt and shorts or joggers. ds just has a normal pair of shorts and plimsoles.

ptangyangkipperbang Wed 22-Jul-09 22:50:19

Name anything that could be taken off - polo shirts, trousers/shorts, jumpers, coats, hats (everyone seemed to have a Next hat this winter), even shoes! Laundry markers are fine but can fade so it's good to check sometimes.
Your questions aren't daft at all. Sometimes schools just seem to assume knowledge!

LynetteScavo Wed 22-Jul-09 22:57:29

Name every thing when they go into reception (except socks/pants/vest). You can relax on this when they actually recognise their own school shoes.

Always name thier jumpers and coats, though, or you will never see them again.I'd go for sew ons and permanent marker - really you will ahve a huge sence of achievement form sewing on a name tape.

School dinners....I'm not a fan, but DS2 doesn't eat his sandwhiches.

My DC's have to wear logoed PE shorts in a particular colour. What does the prospectus say?

KembleTwins Wed 22-Jul-09 22:58:20 do good labels - I got value packs when my DC started nursery, and you get stickers (pencil boxes, book bags), labels that stick firmly to the labels in clothes (you can press them with a hot iron to be totally sure, but it's not necessary) and special stickers to go inside shoes and trainers. The value pack is huge, and I would imagine it will last us years.

SetSquare Wed 22-Jul-09 22:59:09

i only names sweatshirts adn pe kit
deffo better to sew however badly
depends on kid and school
they ahev to wear sport kit

Millarkie Wed 22-Jul-09 23:03:26

1/2. Name whatever you can with a laundry pen - definitely do coats,jumpers and shoes. I do shirts/trousers as well (since they come off for PE), but draw the line at socks/pants.

3. about 50/50 split between school dinners/sandwiches where we are. Mine swap between the two depending on the season.

4. They tend to wear a different style of shorts for PE, and ours are not allowed to wear trainers as 'school shoes' - but check your school uniform list (if school have a website it might be on there).

We also needed tracksuits for the kids (not mentioned on the uniform list and hard to find in plain colours). And it turned out that reception kids didn't wear shoes for indoor PE and didn't go outside until the summer term so we didn't need the trainers/plimsols til after Easter.

stringerbell Wed 22-Jul-09 23:08:26

Message withdrawn

jajoly Wed 22-Jul-09 23:41:34

I would defo put names in anything that gets taken off (bar socks and pants!),as they all look the same and the children don't remember where they have put/left things at break times/lunch times and as they are all dressed (pretty much) the same it is hopeless otherwise ... wink

J x

jajoly Thu 23-Jul-09 00:08:06

I would defo put names in anything that gets taken off (bar socks and pants!),as they all look the same and the children don't remember where they have put/left things at break times/lunch times and as they are all dressed (pretty much) the same it is hopeless otherwise ...

J x

PS. Sorry If I come over abrupt

I am a Junior (lower school 3/4) teacher and feel that my advice in this department is more than adequate, so please don't worry excessivley over these "last minute worries".

I also have my own children in the Infant and Junior System of our national schooling system! (Different Schools/Different Heads =Different remits of expectations!)_

VulpusinaWilfsuit Thu 23-Jul-09 00:12:47

laundry pen. So much less work in clothes they grow out of so quickly. And just surname and initial so can re-use with other kids. Yes name everything or prepare to lose and replace...

School dinners good value and need supporting - main issue is how they're organised - packed lunches tend to get to play out earlier...

Footie kit etc depends on school. Ours pretty relaxed. Better to have separate PE kit to leave on peg in school on the whole.

Clary Thu 23-Jul-09 00:25:59

I wouldn't name knickers and socks - they won't take them off. I don't name gloves cause they cost £1. Might name girl's tights tho.
Name coat, logo jumper, shoes at a minimum (you don't want to lose those).

Iron-ons from Easy to name or marker pen are fine.

We do dinners as I can't be fagged with lunch and like them to eat lots. A faddy eater will prob do better with pack lunch tho. Teasing - depends on school. Ask them what the split is (it varies - our school is abotu half and half).

PE - We have specific PE kit ie black shorts (cycling or footie style) and white T (ie not polo). Ours also have to wear black school shoes, then PE pumps or trainers.

EachPeachPearMum Thu 23-Jul-09 04:07:14

taggits are usually well-recommended on mn!

gingernutlover Thu 23-Jul-09 07:42:46

1. yes name everything that you can, it really helps the teacher when theres a pile of jumpers at the end of the day. re socks, they probably will atek them off when they do PE but they are fiddl;y to name so can you teach your children to put them into their shoes. Oh, and shoes, def name them because you know there will be a nother child with the same shoes!

2. I write in dd's clothes with a biro or marker pen, biro lasts on the inner soles of shoes.

3. school dinners vary from school to school, if like ours they are sent from another school, I wouuldnt reccommend them as they end up up soggy and warm and yuk!

4. my class wear a selection of cycling shorts, cotton, t shirt material ones etc so as long as the uniform list doesnt specify then would assume its fine. Clarks traiuners should be fine, but plimsols would probably be cheaper - do they actually specify trainers.

seeker Thu 23-Jul-09 08:21:09

I lovingly sewed labels into everything for PFB - then scrawled second child's name in things with a marker pen. It helps that he's the only one with his name in the school - I just write his initials and his class and check when I'm putting the washing away that it's still readable. A normal ball point pen lasts about 4 washes.

Check about PE kit - some schools have rules about what can be worn in the hall if it's got wooden floors for example. They usually have bare feet for inside PE because it's safer and wear trainers for outside. And also don't spend much money on any of it because it is inclined to get lost.

No teasing one way or the other for school dinners/packed lunches. My ds always has a packed lunch because you don't have to queue so you get out to play quicker. His best friend has school dinners because "I LOVE the grey meat"!

sarararararah Thu 23-Jul-09 08:33:47

Speaking as a reception teacher I would name EVERYTHING!! (yes including socks and pants!) They have to take socks off for apparatus work and invariably can't work out which are theirs. I have known children take pants off too (strange beings emoticon). Name shoes too - we had a very confusing puzzle re three identical pairs of clarks shoes this year which took me for ever to get to the bottom of! It really doesn't matter how you label things so long as you do! Laundry pen is absolutely fine.

I don't think children tease each other re which type of dinners they have (they certainly don't at my school). So totally up to you and your DS. You could start on packed lunches and then see if he likes the look of what the other children have to decide whether to have hot lunches.

We stipulate PE kit needs to be close fitting as it's dangerous otherwise.


primarymum Thu 23-Jul-09 09:08:18

I would agree with sarararah about naming EVERYTHING when they go into Reception, ours do indoor PE in bare feet, all the girls seem to have short white socks with lace round the top and all the boys have black socks, the socks seem to walk about the classroom of their own volition, shoes too, 20 pairs of black velcro shoes never stay together either! Just initials is generally fine ( although I do have two BH's this year!)

stringerbell Thu 23-Jul-09 23:50:07

Message withdrawn

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