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DS in Year 2 (Year 3 in Sept) & Didn't even got Level 1 in SATs

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Sandy22 Wed 22-Jul-09 20:28:49

Hi - is there anyone else whose dd or ds is struggling? I'm really worried about my ds as since reception he just doesn't seem to have made any progress. He is on SA+ (since Year 1 after a stand-off with the SENCO). He is getting extra help but doesn't seem to be making any progress sad

Goblinchild Wed 22-Jul-09 20:33:45

I have two like that in my Y3 class. Don't despair, they do make progress, but if they have learning needs it's often at a much slower pace, and if they make gains in another area, sometimes they can't manage both at once.
Learn to tie your shoelaces, forget how to form the letter a correctly. That sort of thing.
Keep fighting for his individual support to be maintained, whatever help he's getting, and don't let it drift.
Does he struggle across the curriculum, or only in specific areas?

Sandy22 Wed 22-Jul-09 20:43:44

Goblinchild: thanks for responding, he is struggling in all areas, reading, writing & maths. He had the Lucid Rapid Dsylexia Test done last Dec and it showed he has difficulties in visual-verbal, phonological and severe difficulties in audio sequential. I bought the toe-by-toe book and persuaded the school to use it but not seeing much progress.

melissa75 Thu 23-Jul-09 19:42:22

Sandy...sounds like a very frustrating experience you have had. Keep on with pushing for the support through the Senco. I have children from my year two class who were not anywhere near reaching level ones by the time we had to submit their assessments in June. This was due to a variety of different special needs. But in saying that, I have seen this before, and have also seen some who have gone on in Y3 or 4 and made great strides. I even know of one who went on to get a level four in Y6 SATS, which is a huge feat for a pupil who was not at level one by the end of Y2!

Children develop at different times, and based on personal circumstances (Spec Ed needs etc...). What sort of support have you been able to provide at home? Would an out of school tutor be an option for you? All things to look in to if they are feasible options for your personal circumstances. There are other teachers on here who do tutoring (including myself), so perhaps something to look in to?

I would start with his current IEP targets and see if you can work on one of them at a time over the summer, as I personally find with children who struggle more than others, the 6 week break can have a huge downhill impact. Therefore, I personally think it is important to keep some academics going over the break, even if it is a couple of hours a week.


Sandy22 Sat 25-Jul-09 17:08:04

Melissa75: Thanks for your comments. His current IEP is out of date I am awaiting a new one in September. The senco teacher is starting something new - she is taking 10 children from Yr2 - Yr5 who are struggling and each morning Mon-Thur she is spending with them doing Maths & English - I'm hoping this helps. The Ed Psyc is due in again at the end of December to check on his progress. The school have given me the Toe-by-Toe book to concentrate on during the summer and we read a book each night before he goes to bed. Is there anything specific I could be doing that you could recommend??

I have thought about a personal tutor maybe for Yr 5 & Yr 6 to help him before he goes to High School.

Insanity Sat 25-Jul-09 21:01:06

I use toe by toe with my ds (whos going into yr 4). We try and do 10/15mins every day so he doesnt get frustrated with it.

It is slow going, we have been doing it since April and still havent finished it, but the good news is,he has improved, slowly but surely, and his confidence has risen.

We also play a game where we have to each think of a word beginning with a letter (i.e c, d, qu, sh, etc..) I catch him in the morning when he isnt distracted by friends knocking the door, things on the telly.

Like I said, it is slow going, but miracles dont happen overnight. He can see he has improved which makes him feel great. Keep going and your son will get there in the end.

Insanity Sat 25-Jul-09 21:02:47

And also it just clicks with some children in yr 3/yr 4, so you may not even need that tutor!

Sandy22 Sat 25-Jul-09 21:04:57

H Insanity - Thanks for your comments - I'm hoping something does click for my ds in year 3/4.

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