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Want to discuss DD's year 2 but not sure what my points are...

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suwoo Fri 17-Jul-09 17:20:09

DD just finished year 2. Has had no homework or spellings or anything since 27th April. She has had no parents evening. They have had three supply teachers as her own teacher has had long periods of sickness this year.

She is bright and got level 3 in maths and english and 2a in science (non of them did a level 3 paper in science).

She had a lovely report and the head teacher called her exceptional and today she received the head teachers award.

I sent a comment on her report to the head saying I was delighted with her sats results, but would have liked to have seen what she could have acheived with a consistant teaching provision. The head responded in writing to say she was dissapointed that I hadn't contacted them before- but I was scared to look a twat because I don't know what I actually want to say blush.

DD is saying every day that the work is easy and boring. She seems to work quite well with KS2 stuff on websites she goes on. She reads at home, but not as much as she could.

She and other mothers (bizarrely) have told me that she spends a lot of her time helping the others with their work as she has finished.

What should I do moving forward to year 3- nothing?

I need to ring the head next week to discuss my comments as she has asked me to. I don't want to be pushy but could/ should she be doing more?

Clure Fri 17-Jul-09 17:59:35

hi, I would firstly re-iterate how pleased you are with your DD's SATs results. They are indeed well above average for year 2 (level 2b being what the government say your average 7 year old should be)
Obviously the school can't help teachers long term sickness, normally they do try to keep disruption to a minimum by trying to keep the same cover/supply teacher where they can.
I have to say though that SATs are not the be all and end all - by that i would be looking to see that my DD was happy, fulfilled and motivated at school and from what you say she isn't.
I would ask the head what the school's provision is for extending and challenging the brighter children, what activities do they have for "Gifted and Talented".
I would also enquire about the homework policy, maybe they have a lay off around sats time. And finally ask what you as a parent can do in partnership with the school to support your DD into year 3.
you don't sound like a pushy mum, you sound like a concerned mum - a big difference! Good luck

suwoo Fri 17-Jul-09 18:04:30

Thanks Clure, I am so worried about coming across as a knob. I know sats mean very little and will be scrapped etc. There has been no homework since the supply teacher arrived.

DD loves school and is very happy there- I know this is very important and will make sure the head knows I think that too.

verygreenlawn Fri 17-Jul-09 18:20:20

Sounds like she is doing fantastically well! You must be very proud.

Not really sure why no homework, but preparing for SATs could well explain that. But I think the thing that would concern me most is her saying the work is boring and easy. I don't think it's pushy to want your dc to be given work she finds interesting and stimulating.

I keep reading on these threads that year 3 is a bit more of a challenge, so maybe that will be the case and help.

Other than that, sorry no advice but I'm watching with interest as my ds1 has just finished year 1 and seems to be coasting.

Feenie Fri 17-Jul-09 18:24:27

These aren't your dd's SAT results, but teacher assessments of where she is according to NC levels, drawn from many sources of evidence - a small part of which would be the tests. There is no test in Science, it is completely teacher assessed in Y2.

Sounds like your dd has had a very successful year despite the problems with continuity of teaching. I don't think you need to worry, but just hopefully look forward to a more settled Y3.

lottysmum Fri 17-Jul-09 18:34:32

I'm probably in the minority here...but I don;t agree with homework for infants ... so this would not be an issue for me unless my dd was struggling and needed extra support.

My dd's school don;t engage in homework at all until yr3...but they still have outstanding results in yr2 with virtually all the children hitting 2b across the board and a very high proportion obtaining 3's with some 4's too....the teaching is good enough in class so the children can play and have fun at home after school.

I seem to remember your post on a girl from y1 being moved into your dd's yr 3 class thus missing yr the school obviously do make exceptions to ensure bright children are motivated and stretched.

Hopefully the yr 3 teacher will be consistent and your dd with be stretched so that she can achieve her full potential and this would be the line I would take with the head....unless you think the head has set a president and your dd should now be moved up to yr 4

suwoo Fri 17-Jul-09 20:58:32

Lottysmum I think my issue with homework, is that it is schools 'policy' to give it out and it only ceased when the teacher was off and the supply came in.

Yes, that was my thread about the girl moving up and maybe that scenario has contributed to the musings I am having. I definitely don't want DD to be moved up as I am under no illusion that she is ready either intellectually or socially. I'm not sure if iI am concerned that this girl has been pushed and DD left to fester coast.

I think 'stretched' is what I am aiming for, not 'pushed'

verygreenlawn I am also hoping that she will find year 3 harder generally as I imagine children will have higher expectations made of them and the teacher is very good (they had her in year 1).

Thanks everyone. Still a bit scared to speak to the head blush

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