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Just read latest OFSTED report, wish I hadn't

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clarinsgirl Thu 16-Jul-09 13:23:03

DS starts primary school in September in our village. Last OFSTED inspection was 05 and school got very good rating. School is in our village and obvious first choice. The Head went on long term sick, then there was a temp, new head started at the end of last year and the school was inspected in March. The school was rated 4 (i.e. unsatisfactory). Now I'm worried - not sure what to do. Anyone?

clarinsgirl Thu 16-Jul-09 13:38:58


Pyrocanthus Thu 16-Jul-09 13:51:14

I suppose the crucial thing here is whether the school is recovering from an unsettled period under the new head, or whether the new head is the problem.

What does the OFTSED report say about the effectiveness of the management? Which aspects of the school are now deemed to be unsatisfactory?

Do you know any parents of children at the school you could talk to? Did you like it when you looked round, by the way? Has there been an induction session? Have you met the head?

Don't worry too much; the school has obviously been through a period of upheaval and may well be on the way back up again. Reliable local knowledge is what you need.

CarGirl Thu 16-Jul-09 13:55:24

read the whole report thoroughly in which areas is not doing well and what steps can/are the school doing to address it.

dd1 went to a school that failed it's ofsted simply because it was in debt.

clarinsgirl Thu 16-Jul-09 13:59:01

I think that the problem is related to long period without a full-time Head and report does say that new Head is capable of making the necessary changes. However the report is pretty harsh about education of years 1-4. I have met the Head and DS's teacher who both seem great but what I've read in the report is exactly what I didn't want to hear. The report suggests that most children come to the school with above average ability but this is not exploited. Do you know what the process is for schools with a 4 rating (special measures, follow up etc)?

Pyrocanthus Thu 16-Jul-09 14:03:53

I don't I'm afraid, but just after a dodgy OFSTED might be the perfect time for your son to start, as schools do have to take the criticisms seriously and it sounds as if the head is likely to be effective.

By the time your son is in year 1, they might be exploiting the able until their pips squeak.

clarinsgirl Thu 16-Jul-09 14:06:21

Thanks Pyrocathus, I hope you're right.

OrmIrian Thu 16-Jul-09 14:10:47

In our case we had no head for best part of a year. Failed Ofsted and we had a new temp head appointed. Within 6m things were rapidly improving and 18m later the school were was judged as 'good'. Although I didn't honestly recognise the school fron it's orginal bad report and was shocked, I have to admit the improvments we saw made me review my original opinion. There were improvements to be made.

BTW we had lots of money and attention thrown at us and clearly it paid off. The LEA's trouble-shooter temporary head chose to stay on permanently.

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