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On the primary/secondory border ...

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2sugarsandapuppy Tue 14-Jul-09 09:41:26

... Horrid Y6 teacher, who is also the deputy head. dd1 is leaving for secondary school in September. Big chance dd2 will have her. H wants to move her to the next state school - assumuing they have a place - on the basis that it's wrong to move them when they're in Y6

I don't want dd2 moved at all. The Y6 teacher is horrible, and shouldn't be in that job. Dd1 quite often tells me that she hates me, and I just put it down to her being an hormonal 10 year old. I just don't know what to do- our Head is leaving on Thursday, to become an Ofstead inspector..

SillyShrimp Tue 14-Jul-09 17:31:21

Go and look round the other school, see what it's like, and if it seems OK, then move her. Bad teachers in Year 6 might make her go off school, making the secondary transition more difficult.
Also, if you can get a place by the end of the week, she can start in September, which means that she won't have to start in the middle of a year (which can be quite stressful!).
What does dd think?

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