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Parents evening on the 14th ... I need advice please.

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Lulu1981 Sun 12-Jul-09 22:18:31

I have a 5 1/2 year old daughter who is just finishing foundation/reception class. She is a shy/quiet little girl but incredibly bright. I have had her report 1b writing 1a maths and 2c reading. all of which I understand to be good grades. The school she is at is very small, all of KS1 are in 1 class made up of 11 children.

The problem I have is, the school recently (and unfairly) got a bad ofsted report and since then they have gone on overkill to prove otherwise. The school advised me at the end of term 3 thatmy daughter had completed what was expected of her in foundation stage and would be thinking about starting her on the KS1 curriculum. But since this report I think they have taken the pointers made by ofsted to allow more play to the extreme, my daughter is Bored. She no longer wants to go to school as she finds it too easy, but how do I speak to a school which need to do everything by the book as they are struggling to remain open.

To top this all off my younger daughter is going in to foundation (the same class) in September.

It really concerns me that my daughter is bored at such an early stae of her schooling.

I also would like some reccomendations for some work for her to do during the summer hols, and something to help my younger daughter as she really needs help to apply herself to anything lol

Madsometimes Mon 13-Jul-09 09:35:06

Year 1 is much more academically focused than reception, so I would not panic too much.

I understand that all KS1 children are in the same classroom. Therefore I would be asking how the teacher differentiates the work given to reception, Y1 and Y2.

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