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Applying for schools

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Rollergirl1 Sun 12-Jul-09 21:31:28

My DD starting school Sep 2010. Looking at schools now. Just wondering what the likelihood is of not getting any of your 3 preferred schools. Do you have to be quite tactical in terms of where you fall in the admissions list? All of our 3 preferred schools (2 being catholic and voluntary aided) are over-subscribed and we probably fall a bit down the list in all. Is it pointless to submit all of them?

1dilemma Sun 12-Jul-09 22:11:18

Thought you had the local catholic schools all sewn up grin

to give you a proper answer it depends on what their admissions policy is and where you live

we got no school from our LA this year (we can put 4) as did loads of people at the nursery school there are predicted to be over 180 children in the borough who wont have a school in Sept (don't know what LA plan is) having said that for me personally I was not prepared to put down a school I wouldn't use not least because it then allows the LA to say you were a satisfied customer IYSWIM

our LA publishes in it's admissions booklet how many children are admitted under each category and how far away you have to live that may give you useful info on the local situation

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