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Other children getting DS2 into trouble - how to handle?

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gameboy Wed 08-Jul-09 21:19:29

DS2 (6) came home and burst into floods of tears. Turns out he was told off three times today by his teacher for things he says he didn't do.

They're mostly behaviour type things - kids pushing each other in the lunch queue; kicking backs of chairs in assembly etc.

It sounds like he was hauled out of assembly today and told off by his class teacher.

He says that there are 3 boys in his class who gang up on him, do these things, then tell the teacher it was him, and she believes them and tells him off. He's not very good at sticking up for himself, and just gets upsets when told off, which probably makes him look guilty.

Given how upset he was tonight I believe what he says. He says he doesn't want us to go and tell his teacher as he'll just get told off more sad.

I've been a bit hmm about his teacher to be honest, and I think she has 'marked his card' as it were - he can lack focus, and get distracted easily (he's still 6 FFS!)but he's not a naughty child, and he has a very strong sense of fairness/injustice.

Not sure what to do? DH is very angry about it all and wants to go into school first thing tomorrow. We only have 1 more week of this teacher, but I'm worried that she will tell his new teacher that he is a 'troublemaker' and it will continue next term.

Any thoughts?

manyhands Thu 09-Jul-09 07:26:21

Having the same problem with mine. I've posted above it will he be expelled

mussyhillmum Thu 09-Jul-09 08:28:34

I have had the same problem with my DS1 (7). Like your DS, he came home very upset because 2 little girls had got him into trouble (again) by telling the teacher he had said some naughty words. I decided to speak to the teacher because he was so upset - BIG MISTAKE! The teacher went mad, denied that he had been set up because "she knew the girls and they were incapable of doing anything like that". My son, on the other hand "always lies" and "always instigates problems" with these girls. Other parents who have spoken to this teacher about other children's treatment of their child have had a similar response. I think the lesson is that some teachers think their judgement is infallible and certainly don't appreciate it being questioned, particularly by a parent!

I have reassured my son that I believe him but that teachers are people too and that sometimes they make mistakes. Inside I am seething but for my son's sake I don't want him to see that there is any sort of divide or tension between home and school. Try to encourage him to forget about it and steer clear of the trouble makers. Chin up - only one more week of school!

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