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God Help Me, Its talent show on Fri, and DS1 (age 8) wants to ................

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serin Mon 06-Jul-09 19:06:30

Do a strip, involving him, a suit, a surf board and some beachboys music blush

More appropriate suggestions would be very welcome!

Pyrocanthus Mon 06-Jul-09 20:02:27

Could he dance in the suit, then whip it off to reveal a shorty wetsuit?

Clearly a highly creative child.

serin Mon 06-Jul-09 20:30:56

But would it stop there Pyrocanthus? and he doesn't even own a suit he wants me to buy him one.

His 7yr old brother wants to make a big explosion hmm

cornsilk Mon 06-Jul-09 20:32:41

Oh let them. Make sure it gets filmed for 'You've Been Framed.' Harry Hill will have a field day.

LoveBuckets Mon 06-Jul-09 20:35:53

Is he expecting some sort of Full Monty suit with velcro up the back of the legs etc? How about a cloak, top hat and cane? Victorian vampire surf strip has got to be easier.

serin Mon 06-Jul-09 20:50:15

LOL, school doesn't allow filming!

Where do they get their ideas?

bloss Mon 06-Jul-09 20:54:19

Message withdrawn

serin Mon 06-Jul-09 21:03:52

Oh great idea, sciency things, they could dress up as mad professors. How do they do the thing with the aspirin?

Juggling underpants would be cool too but they can't juggle.

serin Mon 06-Jul-09 21:06:51

Or they could put the film canister in the underpants and have them explode!

bloss Mon 06-Jul-09 21:12:03

Message withdrawn

bloss Mon 06-Jul-09 21:12:27

Message withdrawn

bloss Mon 06-Jul-09 21:15:50

Message withdrawn

bloss Mon 06-Jul-09 21:23:15

Message withdrawn

Pyrocanthus Mon 06-Jul-09 22:05:04

bloss is getting overexcited.

serin Mon 06-Jul-09 22:12:23

Thanks bloss, we have had a practice with skewering a balloon, you put the bamboo kebab stick in through the tied end of the balloon close to the knot and out of the darker bit at the other end. It didn't burst!

Also held a water filled balloon over a naked flame and again it didn't burst. Will have to get teacher to help with this, but they are going to do it over another teachers head (if they can find one daft enough). Balloon didn't burst.

Then stand on tea tray with 4 balloons stuck to the underside, they don't burst either!

Then aspirin thing, (is it safe?)

Then ask teacher to try and stand an egg on its pointed end to win a prize, you use a boiled egg and hit it hard to smash the shell and then it stands up.

There that should do it, DS1 will dress up in safety glassess, lab coat and wellies and ds2 is going to be his glamorous assistant.

serin Mon 06-Jul-09 22:15:08

Pyrocanthus, am getting over excited myself!

Pyrocanthus Mon 06-Jul-09 22:42:14


Simon Cowell would be impressed (though I'm still quite attached to the suit and surf board idea - have DCs of my own though).

bloss Mon 06-Jul-09 22:56:30

Message withdrawn

serin Mon 06-Jul-09 23:36:26

Not at all Bloss, yours are great but I do have to admit to not actually knowing what a mobius strip is.......blush

Pyrocanthus, you are right, I need to find the website for Britain's got talent grin

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