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yr 2 Sat results and report card advice please.

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colie Sat 04-Jul-09 18:53:19

I am looking for some advice. My daughters sat results for yr2 are 2c for reading 2b for writing and 2c for maths. The school info does advise that 2c is at the lower end of the 2's.

When I googled it read " 2c indicates a child might not get a 4 in yr 6 sats, which would mean they are working below the national standard".

I know there are far worse things in life than sat results but I am a bit sad/worried. I keep thinking "she is going to be thick like her mum". I am worried she won't get any gsce's etc.

Does anyone know if generally this means she will always struggle and academia (sp) is out for her. I don't expect her to make a rocket scientist but would love for her just to be average. I know to have an average there has to be kids who are below it but am now of the opinion that she has been below average long enough and I want her to move up. We have been trying a personal tutor for the last few months but obviously this has not helped her.

We were aware she was struggling in maths but were of the opinion that her reading was fine and if anything a bit above average. I am actually shocked she got a 2b in writing. I thought she was well below average for that. I can't read anything that she writes in the house.

I am looking for honest opinions/advice. Does anyone think she will ever catch up, or usually, once kids are in the bottom groups do they tend to stay there. Also, would you just sign the report card or would you put in a comment on the comments sheet? As in, you were not aware your child was below average for reading? Should I be aware of this, is this a problem?

I have spoken to the school at end of reception and yr 1 saying I struggled to help her and that I felt she was struggling but was always told all was fine.

I think I may be possibly expecting too much from the school. I want them to be providing extra help for her so as she makes 2b or average. Do you think schools just feel that there will always be a certain amount of children below average intelligence and there is nothing they can do about this.

Hope someone can give me some advice.

moffat Sat 04-Jul-09 19:07:23

My ds1 is also in Y2 and has just done SATS.

I think it is much too early to decide that she will not be academic. The tests are on very specific things and IMO not a real indicator of all-round ability. And children learn in spurts so she could well suddenly start doing really well.

We were told early on in the term that ds1 was not doing that well in maths and so we have been doing a bit of practice with that and teaching him times tables (which help with division) so if you are concerned I would try to help her but in a fun way.

The best thing is to talk to her teacher about any worries you have. But I honestly don't think you should read too much into these results.

MIAonline Sat 04-Jul-09 19:15:26

Hi Colie, it doesn't mean that this will always be the case. She is only slightly working below national expectations and it is a good sign that she got a 2b for writing, though from what you have said it would sound more accurate that she had got it for her reading!

You sound like you are doing so much to help her and that is half the battle. I would speak to the class teacher as this really shouldn't have been a surprise and they should have let you know before now. Then write a comment along the lines of thank you for the report and that you were unaware that DD working below expectations in reading and maths and are keen to work with the school to provide support in helping your DD.

This is so early, you really can't equate future GCSE's etc with this very early stage. The sats are rubbish not wholly accurate anyway and some kids just get it in KS2 or even later. Please try and relax about it and certainly don't beat yourself up about it. You sound like you really are doing a great job! smile

fruitshootsandheaves Sat 04-Jul-09 19:20:01

My DS did SATS last year and got all level 1's. This year he is up to a level 2a with his numeracy but still behind in reading and writing. Some children are just slower learners which doesn't necassarily mean that they are below average intelligence, they just take longer to show it!

colie Sat 04-Jul-09 21:05:23

Thanks for the replies.

Moffat - thanks for answering. We have been doing the times tables. She was getting upset a couple of months ago because she didn't know her 3 x table. We concentrated on it for a while but if I forget to keep on top of it she forgets it again. I will try and keep more on top of it.

Mia- I am hoping that this is just early and as long as we keep helping her then she will catch up. I really am trying not to pidgeon hole her. It just seems that out of a class of 30 only 4 of us got this. Also not sure how vast the difference is between and 2c. Thanks for advice.

fruitshoot- do you have any tips on how you helped your ds this year? Thanks for reply.

HumphreyCobbler Sat 04-Jul-09 21:19:10

In many countries children do not even BEGIN learning to read/write until they are six. Your dd's results sound fine to me.

I am a teacher btw.

also typing one handed, sorry about brief reply

melissa75 Sat 04-Jul-09 21:21:11

colie..the results you get at the end of KS1 which you are speaking of, are teacher assessment results. Although they may be consistent with what they got in the SATS tests, they also may not be. The teacher judges where they are ability wise, which would come from a wide range of different areas (assessments done in class, class work, SATS tests etc..) therefore it is an end of year teacher judgement as to where they are working at.

A 2C is working just below national average, as 2B is the average end of year level, but it is not a hugely dramatic difference, and not enough at this point in time to be too worried about. I know of children with 2C across the board who went on to do very well on the KS2 SATS, so it is not neccessarily a pigeon holed thing at this point.

You said that when you spoke with the school at the end of reception and year one all was fine...thats a very good sign!

In all honesty, I think she sounds just fine...and if you are extremely concerned at this point, perhaps go and talk to the teacher and see whether there is anything to work on over the summer? Or even check to see whether she was a "strong 2C, weak 2B". By this I mean, in my class, I had a few children who were very solid 2C's in an area, but would be a weak 2B, and I personally feel it is better to err on the strong side, than put them higher than they may be and then the expectation is higher for them later on. Does that make sense?
There are specific areas that a childs work has to meet in order to reach each of these levels. For example, in writing, we use the "Ros Wilson Criterion Scale" to assess childrens writing. Perhaps try googling it, and I am sure it will come up with loads of hits which will explain more specifically what is looked for within each level.


fruitshootsandheaves Sat 04-Jul-09 21:52:35

colie - I didnt do anything different with my DS this year I think he is just more interested in numbers than reading. It is very difficult to make him do anything!

colie Wed 08-Jul-09 20:46:04

Thanks for the replies.

Am trying my best not to

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