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which school?

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Greatfun Sat 04-Jul-09 10:36:15

I am being a little premature as we don't actually apply until the end of the year but DD starts school next year. We have to apply to 3 schools in order of preference. DD is at nursery at school A which has OK but not great SATs (70-80%) and a good ofsted. She is very happy there and we like it too.Lovely grounds (London school so rare). We have childcare sorted but it is in the opposite direction to work so a bit of a faff. School B has better SATs (all over 95%), an outstanding ofsted but not such nice grounds. We don't have childcare for this school but is on the way to work.
DD has already said she wants to go to school A but I would expect her to say this.

Should we put school A first as we like it and have childcare sorted and DD is happy there? Or should we put school B with the better
results and convenience for work?

smee Sat 04-Jul-09 11:06:32

Did you go and look at the other school? Do you know any other children who are going there? I'd go round both schools a few days apart and then go with my gut feeling. If there's not a lot between them, leave her where she's happy. Lucky you to have such good choices.

Greatfun Sat 04-Jul-09 19:51:47

Yes I have seen both schools and know children in both. DD is very happy at school A. However, mu gut instinct was school B when we applied for nursery. The reason we went against that is because DH didnt like the area. Its not in the best position but and the surrounding area is a bit rough. It just has such great results and got a 1 for everything in its ofsted. It would also be more convenient. I just don't know if I want to uproot her as she is so settled in school A.

We coudl be worried about nothing anyway as both schools are over subscribed.

beautifulgirls Sun 05-Jul-09 20:49:40

Sounds like school B from the way you talk about your feelings for both schools. If she settled well at nursery, she will be fine to settle in a new school too so that should not really be a factor in how you look at things. As for the surrounding area - well if the school is getting good results and you felt happy with the atmosphere in the school for your DD then what is around and about is of minor concern really. The school sounds like they do something right if they are getting good results and good ofsted, though definately your impressions of the school matter every bit as much if not more than the "facts and figures" on paper.
Good luck with the applications - hope you get the one you want in the end.

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