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Daughter has a statement but doesn't necessarily need 1to1 support

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asdx2 Wed 01-Jul-09 15:40:42

Dd 6 has autism and a statement, in a well ordered classroom with a teacher that provides routine order and praise Lucy copes extremely well.
Academically she is very bright and she has no behavioural problems.
Dd got her statement from home before she started nursery when she was significantly developmentally delayed.Now she isn't delayed at all and she is among the best academically in her year.
In her last school I made it clear that I would want to keep her statement. The new school is great and dd is doing very well with very little 1to1 support even though she has only been there a month so her sen TA provides more general classroom support.
At the time of her induction head saw her statement and said they would observe dd and use TA at the times Lucy appeared most to need support he felt the more unstructured times however dd is doing even better than I expected but I want to keep her statement because as concepts get more difficult or if she has a teacher not so seemingly able to intergrate dd then I want the security of her statement.
I will ask head myself but do you think that come the statement review school will say dd is coping and no longer needs her statement or will the school support me in keeping her statement?

welovepinkmilk Wed 01-Jul-09 18:16:44

Ime I've never come across a school who has willingly let a statement go, so I think they will probably support you! Sounds like your dd is doing very well

asdx2 Wed 01-Jul-09 18:43:20

That's what I hoped, Lucy is unrecogniseable from the child who secured her statement developmentally 6 to 12 months at age two, no speech, too passive to explore and learn etc.
Her progress has been tremendous no doubt thanks to the early intervention of 30 plus hours a week I put in place.
I will fight to keep her statement because I know if I let it go and then she needs support later it would be near impossible to get her a new statement.

bigTillyMint Wed 01-Jul-09 19:43:56

I think you're right to keep it - as she gets older there may be more/different demands on her that she needs support with and it would probably be difficult to claw back time.

Also, you/she will be very popular with the school for bringing the extra funding that she doesn't currently need wink

Fantastic that she has made so much progress grin

LetsEscape Wed 01-Jul-09 22:07:45

How wonderful that the original reasons for the statement seem to be overcome and that she has done so well. Sometimes you can keep the statement so that the monitoring continues (e.g. annual reviews) but ask for a statement without resources. The key issue will be transfer to secondary school particularly if she has any social difficulties. In most areas you also have first pick of secondary schools if you child has a statement which may be important if there is a school which will particularly meet her needs.

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