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School open day - a very minor WWYD?

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muddleduck Wed 01-Jul-09 12:32:28

DS starts school in sept and has had a couple of short visits.
The school has a "family open evening" tonight which I'm told is worth going to as they have a lot of stuff about what the kids are doing. The trouble is it only starts at 6.30 and ds usually goes to bed just after 7. Shall we take him along even though he's likely to be tired or shall dh and I go in shifts?

blametheparents Wed 01-Jul-09 12:36:57

We had this recently.

I went along on my own and DH stayed at home and put DD to bed.

I would say that out of about 60 sets of parents, only 3 had taken children with them. Those children (although pretty well-behaved) seemed quite bored.
There were a lot of parents there on their own presumably so one could stay home and put their DS/DD to bed,

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