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school trip to mosque

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katiestar Sat 27-Jun-09 09:38:48

As part of a school trip to bradford ,my Ds2 (11) and DD1(8) are going to visit a mosque.They have been told they have to wear school uniform but also cover arms legs heads and shoulders.
What can they use to cover their heads -will a baseball cap be OK.Or would DDs long hair have to be concealed ?
Also it sounds as if they will have to wear school sweatshirts if arms are to be covered.
DD1 has no school trousers so it would mean her wearing school skirt ,tights (are they allowed ?) as well as swearshirt and hat/scarf which is going to be very hot!
Also I didn't think females were allowed in a mosque ?

saramoon Sat 27-Jun-09 11:18:34

Females are allowed in a mosque, they just don't usually pray there, instead pray at home. A baseball cap will be fine. As for the covering up completely, it all sounds a bit overboard to me. Has your dd got a long skirt, that should be ok and then a light long sleeved top and hat. Doesn't need a scarf. I don't think it is possible to wear a school uniform, cover up like a mummy and expect the children to be comfortable. My DH is Muslim and I occassionally have to dress more respectfully but would never cover up completely.

Firawla Sat 27-Jun-09 11:40:52

as they are kids and non muslims i doubt they will be expected to cover up fully everything like we do, as long as they make an effort it should be fine.
for ur dd have you got any kind of scarf or material she can put on her head, may be better than a cap but if not i wouldnt worry too much.
the tights should be okay i think, as long as skirt is not shorter than knees..
yes females are allowed in the mosque, including to pray. it just depends on the individual mosque if they made a womens section or not. in london most of our mosques have women's space

as the other mum's what they are putting their dds in, then atleast you will know if others are going to wear skirt and tights too?

MrsWeasley Sat 27-Jun-09 11:51:33

I would think the school is probably trying to make it more authenic for the children.

Women are allowed in mosques but pray in a seperate room to men.

Some mosques are used for social meeting too(youth groups, adult classes, etc)

Hope they have a good trip.

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