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MNers in Bicester, Oxford - Q re Primary Schools.

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LtEveDallas Fri 26-Jun-09 10:52:33

Hi to all Oxfordshire MNers.

Have just been told that DD will not get into our first or second choice primary school this Sep.

We are moving from overseas to Bicester in Sep. First choice was closest to home, 2nd choice was next closest, plus had a very good rep (first choice actually had a bad rep but wanted DD to be able to walk to school).

Everything in now in the hands of the schools admissions team but I have been told that the only schools (not church) in Bicester still with places are:

Brookside Primary (Bucknall Rd)
Kings Meadow Primary (Shakespeare Rd)
Southwold (Holm Way)
Glory Farm (Sunderland Drive)

All are 4-5 miles from home, so not ideal, but needs must.

I'm going to download the OFFSTEDs for them, but can anyone give me a heads up if you know these schools? Would really appreciate it.

I've checked the websites, but they dont really tell me much (except the one that had a heading PRIMARY CLASS'S shock grin) but would love some 'insider knowledge' if poss.

Thanks smile

LtEveDallas Fri 26-Jun-09 16:12:01


NEPTUNE2 Thu 02-Jul-09 15:11:14

Go for Kings Meadow definitely. Good ofsted reports. Don't touch others. Don't know where abouts in/around Bicester you're moving to but we applied to Marsh Gibbon school in Buckinghamshire and were accepted as on border. Excellent, small village school but my daughter going to Langford instead now for logistic reasons.
Others you could try just outside Bicester are Launton, Chesterton and Kirtlington.
Good luck and hope this helps.

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