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year 4 sats results

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hurryup Wed 24-Jun-09 18:13:12

long story- hope I don't sound like a pushy parent because I really am not. In year 2, ds2 was in a strop for the whole year. He hated school and said he was bored. My dh and I were constantly speaking to his teacher explaining that he was bored at school and had started doing ds1 homework (yr4). He achieved 3's in his year 2 sats - his teacher said she was suprised!

Yr 3 was fantastic - different teacher, different child. He was so happy, confident and at end of year was working at year 5 level. This year he has been bored and stroppy with a dragon for a teacher who makes him and all the other children scared due to her shouting. He came home today upset as they have had internal sats and he got a level 3a.

What would you wise lot do? Personally I don't care what level he gets as long as he is happy but he isn't happy.

maria1665 Wed 24-Jun-09 18:27:10

Are these optional sats, which have been professionally marked? Or are these marked by the teacher?

Our year 3 teacher is of the Blue Peter mould - he's two years qualified its all fun, fun, fun and the kids love it. But I've read research stating that year 3 (together with year 8) is a bit of a knock about year - nothing much at stake.

Then in year 4 (at our school) they go back to ultra traditional teaching, and the kids hate it, but its part of the slow wind up to year 6 SATS.

I don't know how much they learn with the Blue Peter style teacher, and there was certainly NO improvement on the handwriting/presentation front during that year but my kids certainly found the rigours of year 4 a rude awakening.

Could your son be facing a similar situation?

hurryup Wed 24-Jun-09 18:53:40

I don't think so, he made massive improvements in yr 3 and seems to have gone backwards in terms of confidence and achievement. Surely it is his teacher's responsibility to make sure he continues to make progress even with a different teaching style?

blametheparents Wed 24-Jun-09 18:59:08

I would be really hacked off.

WOuld def be speaking to the teacher and possibly Headteacher

Our HT would be on the teacher's case anyway at a child that had actually slipped backwards.

ingles2 Wed 24-Jun-09 19:02:52

so yr 5 level not level 5???
3a is above average as far as I know for yr 4, level 4 being yr 5, hoping to get a 4B average at yr 6.
So in theory he is at about the same level or just under. He might had dropped 1 sub level.
I don't think it's a problem academically, he could have been consolidating knowledge he has.
The bored and stroppy is also common at this age... my yr 4 boy is also going through this as are many of his friends.
We discussed it a lot and have come to the conclusion it's an age stage...
Obviously not knowing your son I don't know if this is the case... Have you discussed it with his teacher before now?

mrz Wed 24-Jun-09 19:07:51

I would be asking questions about the Y3 results which aren't realistic

ingles2 Wed 24-Jun-09 19:10:47

I agree mrz...
also bearing in mind that lots of children just don't progress in a nice smooth line, they might jump ahead for a while, then even out... If he got 3a for all 3 subjects he is a good all rounder.

trickerg Wed 24-Jun-09 19:52:40

He will have done optional SATs in maths and english. Were both disappointing?

It sounds like a bit of a throwaway statement to say that he was 'working at a year 5 level' in Y3, as that doesn't really mean much. If the teacher had said that he was 'working at a level 4c, the level expected at the end of Y5' it would have been more relevant.

kennythekangaroo Wed 24-Jun-09 22:48:56

I think 3a is the highest you can achieve in the year 3 optional SATs.

It may be he has plateaued for a bit or it's the difference between a low 3a in Y3 and a high one in Y4.

trickerg Wed 24-Jun-09 22:59:51

You're right KtK, that's why I thought it was a bit of a strange statement, unless it was on teacher assessment, not the test.

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