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Girls not allowed to wear trousers to school? I thought we were in the 21st century?

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TheYearOfTheCatMPADist Sun 21-Jun-09 23:38:21

My DD is due to start primary school in September. I have been reading through the school's info pack, and I am really surprised (and hacked off) that the school specifies for winter school uniform, girls must wear a skirt & tights, and not trousers. hmm

Is this normal? It seems so unnecessary. I can't really put into words how I feel, as it is pretty late, but it seems to be reinforcing gender stereotypes.

I am considering raising the issue with the head teacher, but would appreciate any views.

thedolly Mon 22-Jun-09 12:34:03

'Tradition for tradition's sake' yes that's it LGP, you've got it - nothing sinister, just the way we've always done it.

A school that chooses to hold on to the tradition of it's uniform is automatically not embracing modern thinking re: best practice in education - is that it?

BonsoirAnna Mon 22-Jun-09 12:35:07

Not exactly - a school that embraces a uniform that is out-of-touch with modern dress codes signals that it very probably has other neuroses.

JodieO Mon 22-Jun-09 12:38:40

When children are freezing in winter then the "tradition" is bad imo, I just wouldn't do it. I'd rather my child and a nice education AND didn't freeze. Also it's not good for children to learn that certain sexes wear skirts and the other shorts/trousers; nothing wrong with girls wearing trousers etc.

thedolly Mon 22-Jun-09 12:40:13

Can schools have neuroses?

I wasn't aware that trousers were a modern phenomenon.

The idea of girls in trousers as school uniform has a touch of 'feminism gone too far' about it.

SolidGoldBrass Mon 22-Jun-09 12:41:18

I wouldn't send a child of mine to such a school. Because I would worry that, if they are prepared to uphold stupid sexism in the area of uniform, it probably permeates the whole school so the education is going to be flawed, as well.

TitsalinaBumsquash Mon 22-Jun-09 12:42:27

We had this rulae at my Primary and Secondary school, i rebeled with my mothers knowladge and wore Trousers everyday, in the end they just got used to it.

BonsoirAnna Mon 22-Jun-09 12:43:24

Of course schools can have neuroses - any institution can have neuroses!

Who said trousers were modern? The point about modern dress codes is that we now think individual warmth and comfort are more important than adherence to traditional uniforms whose purpose is to make all children look alike.

"The idea of girls in trousers as school uniform has a touch of 'feminism gone too far' about it." This is hilarious. Perhaps you were writing 80 years ago?

jeee Mon 22-Jun-09 12:44:10

"The idea of girls in trousers as school uniform has a touch of 'feminism gone too far' about it." hmm

My girls seem congenitally incapable of keeping tights up. They drive me up the wall when they wear them, pulling at the tights all the time. I much prefer them in trousers.

Squidward Mon 22-Jun-09 12:44:41

Its shit i wouldnt send my kid there on that basis.

thedolly Mon 22-Jun-09 12:46:13

You're probably right SGB. They would most definitely have rugby and cricket for boys and lacrosse and rounders for girls - the shock of it.

They might even have separate boys and girls toilets.

Tortington Mon 22-Jun-09 12:47:04

it seems a bizarre tradition to uphold, some traditions for tradition sake i understand - although i can't think of any - perhaps like learning the school motto in latin and reciting it every morning or something.

but trousers are practical. dd hasn't worn skirts at school

Greensleeves Mon 22-Jun-09 12:47:16

totally agree with Anna <thud> shock

Squidward Mon 22-Jun-09 12:47:50

le pantalon


bran Mon 22-Jun-09 12:49:35

PMSL at trousers being feminism gone too far. grin I was under the impression that they are just practical clothing for active children.

andiem Mon 22-Jun-09 12:50:36

thedolly shock are you a dolly in real life? is that why you like girls to dress up like well..... dollies?
I too am in agreement with anna [thud too]

thedolly Mon 22-Jun-09 12:51:00

Are we not to be ladylike and genteel? How else are we to learn to preserve our modesty if not at school whilst sitting on the floor of the gym in a skirt? No wonder there are so many more short-skirted teenage girls around with their bums hanging out - who will teach them how to wear a skirt with pride and dignity grin.

SolidGoldBrass Mon 22-Jun-09 12:51:08

THedolly: You know, I wouldn't think much of a school that insisted on separate sports for boys and girls, either (makes note in Little Book of Things to Sort when DS starts school). I am always aware that people who make a big deal out of emphasising the differences between males and females need careful watching as the agenda is always the maintaining of male privilege.

BonsoirAnna Mon 22-Jun-09 12:52:05

Here I differ entirely: I am a great believer in different sports for boys and girls.

Squidward Mon 22-Jun-09 12:52:54

I have no opinion on that
I dont have TIMe for all these opinions.

thedolly Mon 22-Jun-09 12:53:18

Oh, and the knees together thing I'm sure has it's benefits too wink .

andiem Mon 22-Jun-09 12:53:41

thedolly do you run a finishing school? maybe you could send your dollies daughters to one if that is what you are looking for in education
me I'm more interested in whether they can read and write by the end

Greensleeves Mon 22-Jun-09 12:54:22

lol at "pride and dignity" I think your definitions of those terms are slightly different from mine dolly hmm

thedolly Mon 22-Jun-09 12:58:54

Well andiem, they'll never learn to read and write if they're wearing a skirt now, will they?

BonsoirAnna Mon 22-Jun-09 13:00:38

You have no time for opinions? Ha ha ha grin

thedolly Mon 22-Jun-09 13:00:38

Greensleeves - traditional words for a traditional matter.

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