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Yr 6 DS, problems with maths-dyscalcula?

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youcantlabelme Sun 21-Jun-09 18:41:50

Hi,long one, I'm afraid.

DS yr 6 and about to go to high school, has ALWAYS struggled with maths-just doesn't seem to get it- to the point where he will learn something in the morning and by the evening have forgotten it.

When he was in year 3, had chat with teacher who just told me some kids just can't do maths and DS was one of them. He has been going to a tutor on and off for the past few years, but I feel he isn't much further forward.

However,came across a website re: dyscalcula(sp?)and reading the symptoms, wondered if maybe that's what he's suffering from. But, the site seemed to suggest that it goes hand in hand with dyslexia-which he does not have- very good reader, excellent literacy skills-always writing scripts/stories etc.

Please don't flame me for having left it (well not left as such, just took teachers word) that he was just below average.

How would I go about getting DS tested? i don't want to label him with this if he really is just no good at maths.

Sorry for waffly post.

juicyjolly Sun 21-Jun-09 19:24:56

To be honest, I am quite disgusted that a teacher can say that a ten year old was most probably one of the kids that just 'couldn't do math' Maybe, the teacher is just one of the ones that cant actually teach math well.

I have to say, that for a teacher to say this so early (or at all) in your childs life is totally unprofessional.

If I have learnt anything about teachers over the years it is that there are good ones, bad ones and teachers who know how to bring a subject alive, yes even math.

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