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what would you have done?

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crkm Thu 18-Jun-09 14:28:24

Had lunch in the week with a former colleague, was very worried by certain things that she did. Obviously she has problems. she mentioned she was going on school trip today - my ds(6) also on this trip. Dh and i not happy about her being in charge of children at this time. was surprised she was being allowed to go. I told head of my concerns. was very upset as she is a friend, but my concern for the children outweighed this. was told she would not be in charge of any children, and they appreciated and understood my worries. Meanwhile my ds ( who was in her group) was moved to be with another member of staff going. other staff surprised she was allowed to go, and i know parents who will be very annoyed if they realise she went too.
was i right to complain? i feel really bad about it. but if anything had happened on the trip, and i had not said anything i would not forgive myself! ( my concern was for all the children not just DS. )

gingertoo Thu 18-Jun-09 14:41:21

You say she's a 'former colleague' then say you're 'very upset' because she's a friend? What problems does this poor woman have that mean you are concerned, the staff distrust her and make you think that she is likely make other parents annoyed if she is with their children?

Flyonthewindscreen Thu 18-Jun-09 14:46:06

Difficult to say whether you were right to complain without knowing what your concerns are?

AMumInScotland Thu 18-Jun-09 14:47:58

I think if you have genuine reasons for feeling she is not currently able to look after a group of children, then you were right to let the school know that. It shouldn't be about "complaining", but about letting them know something they were perhaps not aware of.

But I'm concerned that school staff were surprised she was going - should they not have already been aware of the parent helpers and have some input into whether they are suitable?

crkm Thu 18-Jun-09 19:16:37

'former colleague' - she was a TA at the school where i work. There were issues while she was employed that parents were becoming aware of, and that staff were worried about. (She smelt of alcohol all the time). The details as to exactly why she left - no ones entirely sure - except herself and the head. there are rumours of course. Her behaviour in the week, when i met her, confirmed my suspicians. My job in school means i have a duty of care to all the children, that is why i went to the head.

The staff in the year group that went on the trip were aware she was going, other staff in the school (including the secretary) were unaware she was going and were very surprised.

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