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Numbers League Adventures in Addiplication

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SomeGuy Wed 17-Jun-09 18:37:36

This is an arithmetic-themed game. You might find it interesting.

"Villains lurk in the streets of Infinity City and the only hope is the Numbers League. Assemble your team of Superheroes, use the sum of their incredible powers and ingenious devices to capture as many villains as you can.

Numbers League - Adventures in Addiplication is a stand alone superhero themed card game where your basic math skills can save the day. The more you play the sharper these skills will become until no villain is safe from your numerical onslaught. "

"Each player builds Superheroes from the cards in their hand. Any Head, Chest, and Leg card makes a Superhero. The Hero pictured here has a value of 12 (4 + 4 + 4). On the table will be 24 different Villains (a sample Villain is shown below). Players use the value of their heroes to capture Villains. This Hero could capture the 12 Villain.

If you have more than one Hero they can work together to capture Villains. You can also give your Heroes Device cards. If you gave the sample Hero the Jet Pack (pictured below) it would add 5 to the Hero's value for a total of 17. He could then capture the 17 Villain (pictured below).

Play continues until all the Villains are captured. The player who captures the most Villains and uses the most Devices wins"

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