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Know any schools near Hereford, Much Dewchurch?

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HelpPleaseSendChocolate Mon 15-Jun-09 23:21:18

Hello. Does anyone have any recommendations for Primary schools near Hereford, Much Dewchurch, to be precise. We are moving there from Cambridge and know next to nothing. Help! shock

debs227 Mon 22-Jun-09 17:37:09

Hi, i live in herefordshire, not near much dewchurch, but i have looked in the primary application pack for herefordshire and it looks like the nearest primaries would be Much Birch and Kingstone/Thruxton. It looks like Much Birch is very popular and oversubscribed so maybe that one!!

marialuisa Mon 22-Jun-09 20:16:13

There is a small primary in Little Dewchurch but most of the schools near Much Dewchurch e.g. Kingstone, Much birch, Clehonger feed into the same secondary (Kingstone) which is a good comp so pobably best to visit and see which you like. Herefordshire schools are pretty good, so you should be fine I think the Waldorf School in Much birch is now fully state-funded if that's your sort of thig.

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