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why would you not let your Year SIx kid go on a residential then?

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ParisHiltonSequins Mon 15-Jun-09 17:27:22

any ideas?

ScummyMummy Mon 15-Jun-09 17:29:59

Who won't?

ParisHiltonSequins Mon 15-Jun-09 17:30:04


ParisHiltonSequins Mon 15-Jun-09 17:30:24


Message withdrawn at poster's request.

norksinmywaistband Mon 15-Jun-09 17:32:30

As MMJ says

ParisHiltonSequins Mon 15-Jun-09 17:32:57

In fact more than one.

Hmm if they cant afford it they get it subbed dont they..

ParisHiltonSequins Mon 15-Jun-09 17:33:18

poor kids though!

ellingwoman Mon 15-Jun-09 17:33:22


norksinmywaistband Mon 15-Jun-09 17:36:49

I don't think money being a bit tight is reason enough for a sub.

At my local school nearly 30% of the year 6's cannot afford the res. trip this year. you cannot sub all of them.
The school have put on a fun week for those that are not going, day trips to local beach, art stuff and a sleepover in the school.

ScummyMummy Mon 15-Jun-09 17:39:09

Oh. Well, I have no idea.
Perhaps the someone suffers from separation anxiety. Perhaps they cannot afford the fees and are embarrassed to claim a subsidy. Perhaps somone in the family is terminally ill and they need to keep important people close by. Perhaps they are worried that the teachers are crap and won't look after their child adequately. Perhaps their child has said they don't want to go. Perhaps they are concerned because their child wets the bed. Perhaps they are seriously over-protective. Perhaps their child is being bullied and has been allocated a roomshare with someone who is targetting them. Perhaps their child has special needs and they are worried about whether there is enough support. Who knows?

sarah293 Mon 15-Jun-09 17:41:02

Message withdrawn

ParisHiltonSequins Mon 15-Jun-09 17:42:41

They often give you a whole year to save up and pay in installments, dont they

MaryBS Mon 15-Jun-09 17:43:01

Our primary does it for those who are going to the nearest secondary, as a bonding exercise. As mine won't be going to that school, I wouldn't want to fork out a lot of money for my children to go on the trip.

sarah293 Mon 15-Jun-09 17:46:53

Message withdrawn

LadyGlencoraPalliser Mon 15-Jun-09 17:47:11

They don't get subbed if they can't afford it. Where would that money come from?

memoo Mon 15-Jun-09 17:47:26

My DD is yr 5 and didn't want to go on the residential trip, there were 3 other children in her class that didn't want to go either.

Not sure what your point is Tbh???

bubblerock Mon 15-Jun-09 17:47:26

Because the mother has separation anxiety issues - well, that's the reason DS's best friend (and siblings) isn't allowed anywhere! Not even to a friends for tea!! angry

ParisHiltonSequins Mon 15-Jun-09 17:48:14

no no
Money is not the thing.

bellavita Mon 15-Jun-09 17:52:43

So, do you have a child in Yr6 and one of his peers is not able to go?

lljkk Mon 15-Jun-09 17:54:30

MIL would not have let her sons go.
She did not let her 17yo son go on a skiing trip with the school (not so many years ago)
Partly because MIL is so old-fashioned, she would think all the following:
"I didn't need to do things like that when I was young"
"They won't eat regularly"
"They won't keep to their same routine"
"They might be exposed to other boys' bad habits or drugs"
"They won't like it"

All of that is code for, "I'm not enough in control of their routine if they're away that long"; and MIL is a routine-junkie. In an age of Gina Ford adoration, I'm sure many parents are still like MIL even now (lljkk runs away cackling)

cornsilk Mon 15-Jun-09 17:56:21

Perhaps the child is on vital medication and parents worry about it being administered correctly by hungover teachers.
Perhaps the child doesn't want to go.
Perhaps mum/dad is over protective.
Perhaps they are too tight to pay.

bellavita Mon 15-Jun-09 17:56:24

DS1 was not able to go on his residential last year because he'd had a broken right arm in the April as the trip was in the June. Had his pot off 8 days and some kid in the playground pushed him over and broke his left wrist.

He was receiving physio and hospital consultant said he would not be able to do the activities with two weak arms.

katiestar Mon 15-Jun-09 18:00:42

I wouldn't have wanted to go at that age as I used to get really homesick.
can you enlighten us as to why you ae asking ?

ParisHiltonSequins Mon 15-Jun-09 18:02:03

I just think its sad when i cant see ( ok i odnt know) a reason.
pupil in tears

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