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Reception class concerns

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zubin Mon 15-Jun-09 17:06:44

My ds is in reception and I am feeling really unhappy about his progress. He just doesn't seem to be progressing, he has had the same set of words for literally weeks and despite being able to complete them easily at home, they haven't been changed by the school. He also seems to easily complete the books he is bringing home (spiral starters set c) but again doesn't seem to be getting anything more challenging. His writing seems to have got worse if anything since he started school. He is a good boy at school, I know he tries hard and sticks to the rules but I am worried he is being over looked. They have a sunshine/cloud system (cloud if you don't behave sunshine if you do) but it seems that those that are on the cloud are the ones that get on the sunshine when they are good and those that are consistenly good don't get on - I know it sounds like a small issue but it is bothering him. He never seems to get any of the rewards going whereas the 'livelier' kids seem to get them regularly. Am I being over sensitive? I don't want to be one of the pushy mums, there are enough of them in a 'challenging' class anyway but I want my son to progress and be recognised when he is good and does well

rolledhedgehog Mon 15-Jun-09 18:05:26

I think you need to have a word with the teacher, not about the reward system but about giving him mwore difficult books and more words. At this stage in the term I think it is not worth tackling the reward system. As long as you are giving him other things to read at home there is no problem in my opinion. Also look up the key words for reception and make sure he knows those.

zubin Mon 15-Jun-09 18:57:16

Thanks for the response, it helps to get some perspective - he is my only child and I am a bit precious about him, I just feel sad for him and a bit annoyed when he says things like, I think I need to be naughty tomorrow then I might get on the sunshine the next day - still it is a bit late in the term and no doubt the next teacher will have different ways of doing things

ABetaDad Mon 15-Jun-09 19:13:56

zubin - huge sympathy from me. Your story seems identical to what appened to DS2 last year. In fact it seems to be so identical that it may be the same school.

DS2's reading and writing went backwards. The Cloud/Sun thing identical and distressing to him as with your DS.

We did speak to the teacher but she did not respond and said that is the pace she had been told to go at by the headmaster. We did some supplemenentary home ed but he was just so turned off by the whole experience at school it was an unhappy slog.

This kind of slow progress seemed to be throughout the school with cramming in Year 6 to get into the senior school. The behaviour of the other kids at the school was not great either and in the end it was tough to be positive about the school at all except the great facilities.

We took DS2 out and put him (and DS1) in a new school where he has rocketed forward and is miles happier.

zubin Mon 15-Jun-09 19:50:23

I am really bothered that he will be put off school, I really don't want him thinking he needs to be naughty then good to be rewarded for being good. We don't seem to get any communication from school either - I have no idea what my son does every day, he always says I don't know which I guess is pretty typical. He is happy at school I just keep getting these niggling doubts that things aren't right, think I will speak to the teacher re the academic development, I really am not worried about his being top of the class but I do want to see him developing and being stretched a bit! It doesn't get any easier does it!

saadia Mon 15-Jun-09 20:34:02

On the subject of the reading books, if they are too easy for him then put a note in his reading record asking him to be moved up to a higher level. We had the same issue with ds2 (also in YR) and I asked for him to be moved up. The teacher didn't agree but I said I thought he was shy about reading in school so teacher tested him again and moved him up three levels. I wouldn't usually be so pushy but I knew where he was with his literacy.

A teacher friend also said to me that teachers are sometimes more likely to pay attention to those children whose parents are taking an obvious interest and monitoring progress. Sounds unfair I know but if your ds is really not being challenged then do say something.

rolledhedgehog Wed 17-Jun-09 13:52:01

If his new teacher in September also has the same reward system then I would definately express your concerns and, if it is a schoolwide thing, raise it with the head.

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