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Morley Memorial Primary School in Cambridge - Any reviews

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LaCerbiatta Wed 10-Jun-09 12:10:43

That's it really. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

LaCerbiatta Thu 11-Jun-09 08:54:06


LaCerbiatta Thu 11-Jun-09 13:58:20

bump again......

HelpPleaseSendChocolate Fri 12-Jun-09 00:32:48

I've got 2 friends there who LOVE it. It's very popular. Waiting lists, etc. I think you can only get in if you're in catchment and not even! My friend lives in next street, has been on waiting list for a few months, and keeps being moved down the list! However, she may have got a place by now, I don't know.

melpomene Fri 12-Jun-09 00:46:16

I know several families with children there, and others due to start, who all have good things to say about it. I considered it for my dd and had a tour of the school (3 yrs ago); the tour was given by some Yr 6 children who seemed a credit to the school. The school seems relatively relaxed (no uniform etc). The children talked in some detail about the anti-bullying policy.

One of the main things that put me off Morley was the layout of the buildings and rooms. The reception classroom is in a converted house (Victorian, I think) so the classroom is kind of split into different sections and I thought that could make it hard for the teacher to keep an eye on everyone. I was also somewhat bemused to see that there was a fullsize cooker right in the middle of the reception classroom, inches away from easels in a play area, and there were plastic bags lying on top of the hobs. I'm sure they wouldn't use the cooker while children were playing in that part of the classroom, but it did seem somewhat strange to have it in that location.

Have you checked out the Ofsted?

LaCerbiatta Fri 12-Jun-09 12:29:50

Thank you both. We were going to look at a house within Morley's catchment area, but ended up going for one within Queen Edith's, which is the one we were aiming for initially.

We still haven't visited any of them. At what stage do you do that? Are there open days?

Thanks again!

neolara Fri 12-Jun-09 18:40:18

My dd goes there. She's in Reception and has had a great year. What do you want to know?

melpomene Fri 12-Jun-09 20:36:01

The visits/open days are in the Autumn term, and the deadline for applying for school places in Cambridgeshire is in early December IIRC. Both Morley and Queen Edith also have their own websites with info, and there's info about applying for schools on the Cambridgeshire County Council website.

My dd1 is at QE, with dd2 about to start. DD1 is happy there and going great guns with her reading. QE is bigger than Morley (2 forms per year) and has bigger playing fields and a swimming pool as well as a good range of extra curricular activities. Both QE and Morley are good schools, and both very hard to get into if you're not in catchment.

LaCerbiatta Tue 16-Jun-09 08:22:46


Neolara: what are the after school clubs like in Morley? Is it easy to get a place?
I've heard very good things about QE extra curricular and that's one of the reasons dh had his mind set on finding a house in the area. Unfortunately the one we thought we got fell through and we're now looking again...

Thanks again for your help.

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