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What are the "symptoms" of dyslexia in a primary aged child?

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Hulababy Tue 09-Jun-09 20:18:04

Anyone got any links or information they could share please.

Particularly interested in the sitation where reading is excellent and teh gap betwen reading and spelling is quite large.


oneforward20back Tue 09-Jun-09 20:36:07

Try here or here

Hulababy Tue 09-Jun-09 21:08:22

Thanks. They are useful.

Just need to find out more about this very good reading and spelling in no way matching up with the ability.

oneforward20back Tue 09-Jun-09 21:13:08

Interesting. Did dc learn through sight or sounds method? I know that some dyslexics go through a process of re-learning the sounds and sound groups to help with spelling. It was suggested for me when i was younger.

Hulababy Tue 09-Jun-09 22:03:25

Both. I taught her all her letter sounds before she started, and initially she used sight reading, but then a combination. She can read oretty much anything although I suspect sight reads more than decodes a lot of the time. When learning she always would ask what a word said rather than decode it, but once she knew it she could remember it for ever more.

She does know a lot of the other sounds though and they do cover then in school a lot, esp through spelling tests.

Her reading is way above her age and her comprehension is excellent too.

Spelling seems to be the key as it is very adhoc at times. She also is very varied regards her presentation of written work, b and d are still reversed and she still makes some errors with numbers i.e 21 rather than 12.

It was just something her teacher and I were discussing, although not necessarily dyslexia. Just looking at the discrepancy between her reading and spelling. her spelling is no more than average for her age, with a fe wmore errors than would be preferable yet her reading is way ahead.

I also have another thread re some ear problems but we don't think her actual hearing is compromised. But it isn't something else to consider.

Hulababy Tue 09-Jun-09 22:04:38

I might go over these sounds with her over the rest of this term and during school holidays - just do one or two a week, 5 minutes a night, Just to check.

galaxymummy Tue 09-Jun-09 22:28:03

Multisensory teaching works best
my tops tips are
Use water pistol to write spelling list on garage door
Make bread dough and bake letters
roll out plasticine shapes and feel raised letters words
Trace word on others back with eyes shut and index finger
Get barrington stoke books
Get audio book of favourite story
Read together
Get * when teachers mark for spelling in red ink and ingnore content{angry}
Get another job to pay for spld teacher best money I ever earned
mum to dd and ds dyslexic and dyslexic husband
guess who proof reads in our house!

oneforward20back Tue 09-Jun-09 22:50:59

galaxy are you open to bribes for proof reading? grin

If she has q's over hearing and prefers to sight read I would go over sounds. It is possible that this is where she is being let down. Not knowing the sounds makes it harder to construct the words. (but then again english spelling is a rule unto its self wink)

How old is she and does she have any other directional/spacial issues? I write as flutently backwards (mirror writing) as I do forwards and don't even realise I am doing it. I just don't get the L/R hand trick thing. To me they are both L's I just don't see the difference.

Yurtgirl Tue 09-Jun-09 23:00:40

Hi Hula
I could be completely wrong but I think its not at all unusual for a child to be really good at reading but only average at spelling

It doesnt suggest dyslexia or any other problem at all to me - just a question of her maturing in her learning really - she is in year 2 yes? So not unusual for spelling to be not that great at her age

DS is in year 2 too - fab at reading but not that great at spelling and he is deffo not dyslexic

Keep an eye on it I think

cazzybabs Wed 10-Jun-09 09:02:42

my dd is a fab reader but a crap speller. she is over reliant on phonics but I don't think she is dyslexia..

and I have several year 1s in my class for whom this is the case too

bruffin Wed 10-Jun-09 10:33:02

My DS 13 can't spell at all and is a good reader, but that didn't really take off until he was in yr2.

In Primary we were told he a specific learning difficulty and he had a lot of extra help with spelling using "wordwall" and "stareway to spelling" in years 4 and 5.

In year 4 his teacher said he had written a piece of work which she would have expected to have come from someone in yr6 and longed to give it a level 4, however because of the spelling and punctuation she could only give it a level 2.
By yr6 his writing was just below average but comprehension etc well ahead
He did have hearing tests and his hearing was fine.
He is yr8 now and his SENCO said he is almost certainly dyslexic and his spelling is still awful ie attenchun for attention. He can often spell the words out loud but doesn't get it down onto paper.
He also said he would see something written on the board but couldn't remember it by the time he looked down onto the paper he would forget it ie numbers for a sum.
I was looking at his RE book the other day and he had the word Christian spelt wrongly 3 different ways on the same page.

Saying that he is top set and doing really well at school, it's just that his writing doesn't reflect his mental ability

sunnydelight Wed 10-Jun-09 12:08:03

With two dyslexic children when people ask me about "signs of dyslexia" I always ask if their kids have trouble with sequencing; do they know their days of the week, months of the year, etc. It was ages before I realised that both my boys really struggled with these (my 10 year old still can't get months of the year reliably). My 15 year old now has no issues reading, but his spelling is truly appalling, interesting enough since my 10 year old started a year ago at a school that focuses very much on spelling and grammar his spelling has really improved. If your DD is Y2 and a fluent reader it's possible that she just has issues with spelling rather than being dyslexic.

Hulababy Wed 10-Jun-09 12:08:51

galaxymum - fortunately DD's school is great so no problems there.

Thanks all for information.

I don't think dyspraxia is an issue.

Yurtgirl - it could just be nothing, but one or two other things clicked for the teacher too, hence asking her to be looked at by the specialit at school. But the discrepancy between reading and spelling is also a trigger.

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