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what is your post-school routine?

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misshardbroom Tue 09-Jun-09 17:09:26

...because mine is rubbish grin

Please will you also give me rough times, e.g. school finishes at 3.20, arrive home at 3.45 etc) and ages of your DCs.

sunburntats Tue 09-Jun-09 17:16:46

i dont have one blush

Got 1 ds aged 5.

Monday, pick him up, straight to either Tesco or Asda do the weeks shopping.
Put shopping away (buy ds a fruit bag to much on) then make tea.

Tuesday get home from work run hoover over prepare veg, walk round to school with scooter for ds. Pop to the shop get him a magazine, get a couple of bits. (less than £5) make tea, fill dishwasher, ds shower then bed for 7.

Wed pal picks him up, i work till 5.30, go to pals have coffee, cake and gossip then home for 7...showere for ds then bed.

Thursday after school club and dh picks him up, starts tea...or i sling something in the slow cooker so its ready when we all get in.

Friday dh picks up ds, I work till 9pm so its their evening and they generally potter about in the garage or nip to B&Q. Friday is pizza night for them so i buy them a pizza from Asda, ds LOVES Friday nights with his dad.
Actually do have routine without knowing it.
In amogst all of that we do reading book and spellings between us.

misshardbroom Tue 09-Jun-09 17:19:07

sounds nice round your house. I like cake Wednesdays and the pizza on Fridays. Actually, while I wouldn't swop my little gang, you're making a one child family sound very very attractive!!

mankyscotslass Tue 09-Jun-09 17:19:13

School finishes 15.10, arrive home 15.30.

Kids sent to wash hands then they have a snack then homework.

16.00 they get changed and then chill watching TV or playing games or reading or on consoles/computer or in the garden. I have to limit the time on the consoles or they would be on it 2 hours!

18.00 DH arrives home and teatime.

Kids are DS7, DD5, DS3

bigchris Tue 09-Jun-09 17:22:11

5 yr old and 2 yr old
come home, have tea straight away as there starving, TV for an hour 4.30 - 5.30, play for an hour, bath at 6.30pm, bed at 7pm, 7.02pm large glass of wine for me grin

sunburntats Tue 09-Jun-09 17:25:03

have to admit our whole lives are ruled by food stuffs!!

It is nice round our house yes smile

Luckily we dont have consoles and ds is only interested in a wee bit of TV so he plays out after school in the garden allot.
The best £100 i have ever spent was the trampoline, he is out on it when its sunny at 7.15 in the morning then immediately on it when he gets in from school.

I filled up a washing up bowl full of water twice last week after school, put on his sun cream and swimming trunks and he had a whale of a time! Didnt come in till his tea was ready.

ChasingSquirrels Tue 09-Jun-09 17:33:29

Get home from work around 2.30pm, take over ds2 (3y) from my mum, leave for school around 2.50pm, pick up 3pm (6yo - yr1).

If nice hang out at school (kids play on the field) or in the park.

At least once a week see a friend with kids of a similar age in the next village, depending on which friend will have tea together.

Once a week go to my parents for tea.

If on our own just hand out at home, kids play, watch tv, fight...

tea around 5.30pm ish.
bath (if I both) around 6.30-7pm ish
ds2 in bed around 7.30
ds1 in bed around 8.30
me downstairs for my evening around 9pm - hence I stay up later than I should.

Fimbo Tue 09-Jun-09 17:38:11

Ds (5) and dd (10).

Ds finishes at 3pm we then walk to meet dd part of the way along the road as her school finishes at 3.15pm

We should/could be home by 3.30pm but they like to chat and doddle, we sometimes go past a farm shop selling veg/eggs so we will stop there.

3.40 in, they get changed out of school clothes.

3.45/4.00 they stay inside watching tv until the kids next door/across the street come home.

4.00/6.00 playing outside on their bikes/scooters our in our garden on the trampoline with their friends

6.00/6.30 Dh home/tea

6.30/7.00 Dc go back out to play again

7.00 in homework if any, bath, bed.

8.00 Ds is usually in bed asleep. Dd will read until 8.30pm

Ripeberry Tue 09-Jun-09 17:39:22

I have DD2 home from pre-school at 12.45pm, get in, make lunch, watch a bit of news whilst DD2 plays with toys, then she may watch half an hour of TV whilst i MN!
Then we go to school to collect DD1, have to arrive at 3pm to get a space in the car park and then we just chat until 3.20 when DD1 comes out from school.
Get home by 3.35 then the kids have some milk and biscuits and do homework (don't usually have much), then they will watch a bit of TV, but in this weather they are out in the garden bug hunting.
I MN and check up on my e-mails and sort out pre-school committee queries and do paperwork.
Then around 6pm start making the children's tea and then at around 7pm DH comes home and we have ours.
They play with DH for an hour then they get ready for bed from 8pm onwards, but sometimes they won't sleep until 10.30pm!

Ripeberry Tue 09-Jun-09 17:40:32

Oh, yeah DD1 is 7yrs old and DD2 is 4yrs old.

Hulababy Tue 09-Jun-09 20:30:11

Ours is different every day as 7yo DD has various after school activities.

Playball after school til 5pm
Drop DDs friend at her house; often stay for a chat and DD will eat there
Home around 6:30pm; spelling homework done
DH and I eat around 7ish
DD is bed around 8pm

School finishes at 3:30pm
Often take DD's friend home and DD willl eat there whilst I chat with mum and see my godson
6:30-7:30pm DD has drama; reading homework done in car on way to drama
Home and bed about 8:30pm

School finishes at 3:30pm
Home and do homework and play
Has dinner about 5:30pm
Brownies at 6-7:30pm
Home and bed for about 8ish

Piano at 4pm straight from school
Home before 5pm
Homework and play
DH home at 630pm, we will eat together then
Bed by 8pm

I collect Katz's DDs from school and then go and get DD at 3:30pm
Home to play
Dinner about 5pm
Katz and her DH here just after 5pm; my DH home around 6:30pm
We will then have dinne and drink, and the girls play

pointydog Tue 09-Jun-09 20:45:14

(for dd2, 10)

3.15 - to cm's where she reads, plays, sees friends, has a snack

5pm - she's home where she reads, plays, see friends

6pm - tea time

8ish - shower if she needs one, supper

8.30/9ish - bed

Guides or any other activities squuexed in here and there.

ByThePowerOfGreyskull Tue 09-Jun-09 20:51:11

DS1 5
3.20 school finishes
4.00 home having played at the school field
drink and snack and general play, try to avoid TV but some days it is my sanity
5.00 Dinner
Play, bike ride, etc
6.30 Bath time, story, and milk
7.00 Bed

one day a week he has a friend over to play and one day a week he goes to a friend to play.
Thursdays we go to soft play straight from school and come back at 6-6.30pm

We have not gone for after school activities yet will be doing swimming in September but I have felt he had enough to focus on getting used to school.

MollieO Tue 09-Jun-09 21:32:47

sunburntats what does your ds do with a washing up bowl and swimming trunks - surely its a bit small to paddle in!

Collect ds at 6pm, home by 6.10pm, bath and ready for bed, homework, story in bed, asleep by 7.15-7.30pm.

misshardbroom Tue 09-Jun-09 22:42:10

Thanks for all your replies - reassuringly there doesn't seem to be any one 'right' way that everyone else knows and I don't! And I'm glad to see other people's DCs doing homework right before bed!

I collect DD at 3.15, usually get home about 3.35pm.

Then she tends to ignore me and focus solely on the TV other than having a quick snack, while the boys play and I MN / make calls for work / prepare dinner (often simultaneously). It's not helped by the fact that I work from home, so not always easy to demarcate work time and family time. Then DCs (and sometimes me) eat between 5pm & 5.30pm, bath 6.15ish and bed at 7pm for them all. End up hearing DD read in bed.

I'm trying to introduce a new regime where when we get in, the whole family sits down and has a drink & snack together and a chat, after which she can have 30 mins TV to unwind before doing her homework, and then dinner.

It just seems difficult because DS2 is only just 3, and it's often a struggle to keep him awake by 3.45pm, and he's often hitting meltdown point just as I'm trying to make dinner & hear reading and not rely on the TV as childcare.

hullygully Tue 09-Jun-09 22:43:24

Gin and telly.

notnowbernard Tue 09-Jun-09 22:49:35

2 dds (one 2, one in Reception)

Pick-up at 3

Gym club after school on Monday - no other after-school activities

DDs will either play in the garden, do some drawing, play in their room or watch TV when we get in (these seem to be what they are into atm)

Dinner is about 5ish

Bed by 7

sunnylabsmum Wed 10-Jun-09 06:42:00

School finishes at 12.45. DD (6) home on bus by 1.00.
1,30 Lunch together on the veranda and reading/homework
2.00- 5.00- swimming pool, swimming lessons, trampolining or sailing club, sometimes with friends, sometimes just chilling out
5.00 Tea
6.00 Shower and hair
7.00 Bed.... til get up next morning at 6.00 ready to be on school bus for 7.00am

Yes....overseas in the sun and loving it, but only for another 5 months. DD is already questioning why she has to do school dinners and afternoon school - DOH!!

FourArms Wed 10-Jun-09 06:56:44

DS1 is 5 and in reception, DS2 is 2 and at pre-school.

DS1 finishes school at 3:20pm, and is picked up by either me or one of two neighbours that we share the school run with. Usually home between 3:40pm and 4pm - there's a play park next to school, so often play on that, or let them play football in school grounds for a while if not raining!

If it's a sunny day, they're then outside until about 7:30pm, with me dashing in to make tea which is eaten outside. We live on a quiet cul-de-sac, so they play on bikes, ride-ons, on the street climbing frame, or with water table or chalks....

However, I'm planning to change this routine to:

Play out until 4:45pm
In house or garden whilst I cook tea until 5:15pm
Eat tea until 5:45pm
Play until 6:15pm (out or in)
Bath until 6:45pm
Milk, biscuits, PJ's on by 7pm
DS2 in bed at 7:05pm
DS1 reads until 7:30pm, then bed for him.

Then the housework starts!!!

frAKKINPannikin Thu 11-Jun-09 10:20:38

1 7yo

School ends 16.15
Park if nice until no later than 17.30, if not nice then either arrange a play-date with friends or go home and play a bit with whatever he chooses
Piano practice starts 17.30
Homework starts 18.00
Bath starts 18.30
Out of the bath, into PJs etc and story time or put a cd on until parents come in

If babysitting then dinner at 19.15, clean teeth and 10 mins TV. Bed no later than 20.00, 1 chapter of whichever book we're reading together then independent reading, lights off 20.30

Wednesdays there's no school, Thursdays piano lesson 17.00 til 18.00 so park until 16.50ish and then business as usual and Friday judo from 18.00 but no homework or piano practice.

swanriver Thu 11-Jun-09 19:16:48

Pick up 3 dcs at 3.20. Yr 2 & 4. Large snack and drink immediately stuffed into hands. Sometimes ds1 stays till 4.30 for sport.
GO TO PARK if possible (round corner) for an hour at least, except Thursdays where we go home and watch telly for a hour.
Trying to avoid telly Mons, Tues and Wed.
Club at 4.30 on Tuesdays for an hour (next door)
Homework at 5.00 (except Tuesdays)
Supper at 5.45 or 6.00
Kids will play in garden, have friends over occasionally, listen to music, radio, read, play with trains or sylvanian families.
We do Cubs on Mons and Beavers/Brownies on Wed eves, otherwise no other activities, except possibly a bit of swimming if mood takes us.

After school was a real hairraiser to start with.

Dh home at 7.00
then bedtime routine.

misshardbroom Thu 11-Jun-09 19:43:52

what sort of club on a Tuesday, swanriver (not that it has any bearing on original question, just nosy!)

soopermum1 Thu 11-Jun-09 22:58:08

6:15 get home from ater school club, immediately start dashing around making tea while listening to DS whine 'is dinner ready yet?' about 100 times. he potters around or watches tv or generally hovers around like a hungry dog (he gets well fed at after school club.)

put away towels from morning, unload dishwasher, unload/load washing machine, iron, put away clothes, tidy up.

sit down to eat at about 6:30/6:45.

start bath at 7pm.

DS up to bed about 7:45

finish all other tasks to be done and watch a bit of tv then bed

every day

swanriver Mon 15-Jun-09 14:34:33

Bible Club! you did ask...

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