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Year 4 Books

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FranSanDisco Wed 03-Jun-09 10:37:09

Dd's class did topics on two books this year (Yr 3) which unfortunately she had already read. One was Stig of the Dump and the other The Iron Man. She enjoyed reading them again but for next year (Yr 4) I want to try and avoid 'spoiling' the plot (for her and her classmates as she knew all the answers). Can anyone give me any ideas of books that may be covered in Yr 4 so we can avoid them LOL.

JeffVadar Wed 03-Jun-09 14:56:05

DS did The Hobbit and Carrie's War in Year 4.

FranSanDisco Wed 03-Jun-09 15:14:24

Thanks. I was going to buy Carrie's War so will hold off.

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