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school appeals how's it ging?

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1dilemma Tue 02-Jun-09 12:35:02

So ours is Tuesday, I have e-mailed all and sundry to point out that 5 working days before the date they have only answered half my questions and they have added an extra km to our journey.
I'm getting nervous now I have so much work/other stuff on am beginning to feel really stressed about it.

Oh and the time is 9.15 so dropping all the dcs off around the various schools/nurseries will mean we arrive in a mad rush!

Anyone won theirs yet?

Icantbelieveitsnotbitter Tue 02-Jun-09 13:22:54

My DSD won her appeal for local grammar school.

She is out of area (different county completely) but apparently scored very highly on the 11+ and is about to take her grade 3 violin so they let her in on appeal.

They did also send out letters stating that as they'd been forced to allow additional pupils, there were insufficient classrooms for the new numbers and maths lessons would be in the science lab etc. Not sure if 'forced' was the actual wording of the letter but that was certainly the meaning of the letter when relayed to us by DSDs mum !

1dilemma Tue 02-Jun-09 18:11:28

well done

not convinced it matters if maths lessons are in the science lab (as long as there is enough lab time for science lessons)

I have had arsey responses from appeals office and pupil office apparently they only have to reply 3 working days before the appeal and lo and behold they will at the nend of Wednesday.

me thinks
a) they are hiding something

b) they wont manege to reply in time to the inevitable follow up questions

1dilemma Fri 05-Jun-09 02:37:57

Anyone else can't believe noone has done theirs was it OK? Was it intimidating?

EldonAve Mon 08-Jun-09 14:07:54

any update?

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