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CRISIS! (OK, Im over-reacting). DD needs to wear Victorian style dress to school on Friday. Any suggestions gratefully received.

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PlainAndAble Mon 01-Jun-09 19:50:13

That's about it really. She only brought the letter home today. Googled what style I need to make, beg, borrow, steal or buy and thought "ooo-er!"

Anyone have any suggestions please?

I work full-time and dont have time (or skill) to knock something together. Have checked Asda and Argos. Seen a couple of outfits on ebay, but dont really want to spend that kind of money, or any money if possible.

Oh well, I paid a pretty sum for the uniform in the first place, now im having to pay for her NOT to wear it! DD is 5 by the way. TIA.

mrz Mon 01-Jun-09 20:01:34

Nightie(long sleeves) with a white apron over and a shower cap

twinklytoes Mon 01-Jun-09 20:02:49

long black skirt, white blouse and an apron - preferably full length in white over top. and you've got a maid?

can you hunt out the charity shops in your lunch hour?

could try freecycle. we did victorian last term so you never know someone may already have an outfit you could borrow.

PlainAndAble Mon 01-Jun-09 20:06:01

Goodness, have none of the above, but am thinking about going to charity shop for an ensemble. Actually, she does have a shower cap ... tis bright pink and shaped like an elephant so has a truck and 4 legs sticking out! LOL! Thanks for your suggestion. DD rather fancies herself as a Victorian Queen. I think that expectation is more than I can manage. [sticks bottom lip out].

clayre Mon 01-Jun-09 20:07:19

no ideas but you have my sympathies, dd's class is having a fairytale party on friday!

GetOrfMoiLand Mon 01-Jun-09 20:08:49

Send her as a chimney sweep.

Get a air of old school trousers from a charity shop, likewise a tatty old shirt. Cover them in boot polish or the like. Beg, borrow or steal an old boys flat cap. On the day make dd look grubby (I used a mixture of eyeshadows) on her face and put her hair in tatty pigtails, and fashion an old chimney sweeper out of a stick/broom handle and some sticks.

DD's old primary used to celebrate a Victorian week every June and she had to dress as a Victorian every year. This was definitely the easiest option, plus easier to run about in in the hot weather than long dresses etc.

PlainAndAble Mon 01-Jun-09 20:09:36

Clayre, can my DD be in your DD's class on Friday? Purlease? Fairytale outfits I do have! Typically, the theme is never what is at hand. Sigh!

Kayteee Mon 01-Jun-09 20:11:24

this is only 12 quid

cocolepew Mon 01-Jun-09 20:12:51

My DD wore one of my long black skirts, a white blouse with a brooch at the neck, a black cardi and a doily with elastic in it to make a hat, she was a governess grin. An apron can be made with a white pillowcase .

PlainAndAble Mon 01-Jun-09 20:16:00

Thanks for all replies. Am loving the chimney sweep idea. Just ran it past DD and her face literally looked like this hmm and with a sharp intake of breath she restated that she wants to be a Victorian Queen! Its Victorian week for her (us) too, but she is only in reception and this is doing my head in all new to me.

PlainAndAble Mon 01-Jun-09 20:19:35

Great suggestions Thanks. Could never come up with such creative ideas. (Is there a course for this? Am neither gifted or talented in this malarky. Obviously).

clayre Mon 01-Jun-09 20:23:55

Lol, dd hasnt got any fairytale stuff shes a tomboy and has about 3 pirate outfits hmm

Leslaki Mon 01-Jun-09 20:31:04

Where do you live? Could lend you an ouitfit - a kinds snock dress thing - not the maid outfit look but def Victorianish!

PlainAndAble Mon 01-Jun-09 20:36:28

Oh thank you Leslaki. May I reserve the option to take you up on that offer? Am going to scour local charity shops after work tomorrow. Very kind of you to offer.

Leslaki Mon 01-Jun-09 20:41:32

No probs. I can post it if you need it. Can also offer a boys waistcoat which we also used for Voctrian day for ds - school trousers inside football socks, boots, white shirt, waistcat and borrowed a flat cap.

Just reread my previous post - it's a kinda SMOCK dress - white with small blue spriggs of flowers on it. Looks like what a more middle class Victorian child would have worn!! Boden (actually Laura Ashley!) of Victorian times!

TamTam29 Tue 02-Jun-09 11:38:00

A white button up shirt/blouse.

One of yours/Grannies/Aunties flowing skirts - like those hippy types we all wore a couple of summera ago.

Hair done in curls or just the top half tied up with a ribbon

A crochet (sp??) baby blanket or similar or head scarf to wear around shoulders

PlainAndAble Fri 05-Jun-09 10:33:18

Good morning all. Thanks for al the suggstons and Leslaki's sweet offer. Just got bac from the school run (and Tesco) and thought i'd post a update.

Charity shops had not very much, but bought a long brown chidrens skirt and adult embroidery-kind-of tapestry waistcoat. They only had ladies size 14; Dd is 5yrs old! I then bought a length of brocade and handful of buttons. The lady in the shop gave DD a cameo type of brooch for free!

I was working at a quiet polling station and spent a long time:
sewing brocade round the cuffs and collars of one of DD's tops (I had intended to modify one of DD's school blouses,but had forgotten they are all short-sleeved;
I also had to take he sides of the waistcoat in;
sewed 4 buttons vertically on a pair of DD's black socks (to look like boots);
stitched brocade around the bottom of a pair of DDs white capri trousers (to look like bloomers).
Now I dont profess to be artistically creative, and even I could see it looked a little 'rough around the edges' but thought it ws a job done ok.

DD put on the ensemble this morning and was pleased.

Fast forward to collecting he class-mate who we drop to school. She gets in the car wearing a shop-bought obviously brand new outfit. She looks D over and says:"That looks rubbish.What is it suppose to be?"
DD soon has tears rolling down her face and is crying silently. We pass a shop on the high st and said friend points out the shop where her dress was bought. Staring out fromthe window is a Victorian Quen dress. Dd crying becomes audible and she says she wants to go home.

I am cursing the class-mate in my mind (for criticising my handywork and for making DD cry).I felt like stopping the car and throwing her out!

Walking from the car to the playground I convince DD that in Victorian times they probably have made e clothes themselves, just like i had and that the handbag and swing that completed the outfit are perfect.

At the gate is another classmate in school uniform. She runs round the playground with him and the bloomers are partly visible. She looks so sweet. When they line uptogointo school, DD is chosen a having the best girls outfit in her class and to have picture taken for the gallery. I am so chuffed and happy for her. Said friend is now in tears. I felt wicked for even thinking "serves you right". Sorry.

That was loooooong, oops! But i Suppose there's a moral of that story.

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